Terabyte WiFi Adapter Driver Download & Installation (2023)

Download Terabyte WiFi Adapter Driver W77mi and follow the installation guide below!

Traditionally, computers needed a USB to access the internet, but now it is not necessary. The Terabyte WiFi adapter connects the computer to the internet wirelessly without the need for a USB.

What is a WiFi adapter?

WiFi adapter is a device that helps you connect your computer to the internet through a hotspot. It is a networking tool for computers and laptops. WiFi adapter is the best tool for system users as it helps you connect easily to any WiFi connection available nearby. The WiFi adapter scans for the network, when found you need to tap on one of the available networks and enter a password. Once the password is accepted you can enjoy a high-speed network.

What is a driver?

A computer driver is a set of files that communicates with the computer about particular hardware installed in the system. All the hardware devices installed on the computer need a driver. In simpler terms, a driver is a software that allows the operating system to communicate with a hardware device.

Terabyte Unlimited was founded in 1992 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Terabyte offers a wide range of services, network, repair, sale of hardware and software items for computers, and programming for IBM.  

Terabyte WiFi adapter is one of the most affordable adapters. It has been a great success and is being used by a wide number of users all over the world. The Terabyte WiFi adapter is available at a very low-cost price. Terabyte WiFi adapter promises internet speed up to 500 Mbps.

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Terabyte WiFi Adapter Features

Let us have a look at the features of Terabyte WiFi adapters:

  1. Easy connection: Terabyte WiFi adapter has an easy connection feature. With this adapter, the computer can be easily connected to various hotspot devices such as the phone’s hotspot, router, WiFi hotspot, etc. The connection can be obtained very easily, you need to click on the network icon and select a connection from the list of connections it displays, key in the corresponding password and enjoy a high-speed network without interruption. The connection is not disconnected unless you disconnect, move away or turn off the hotspot.
  2. Compatible USB port: The Terabyte WiFi adapter USB port is compatible to fit any USB port. The USB port is designed to have a standard size, which means it fits the USB port of your computer or laptop easily. It gets inserted completely and looks neat without a bump.
  3. The Terabyte WiFi adapter supports both USB 2.0 and 3.0. This adapter is compatible with all the Windows versions, max versions, and Linux versions as well. It is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Vista.
  4. Terabyte WiFi adapter comes with a warranty of three years. This is an added feature to trust this product. Most of the networking devices come with a warranty of one year, but the Terabyte WiFi adapter comes with a warranty of three years, which makes it more trustable.

You can experience a seamless internet connection with a Terabyte WiFi adapter because of its ability to stay connected to a WiFi hotspot. If a WiFi hotspot connection moves from its position and the connection is disconnected, the network is automatically resumed once the hotspot is back in the vicinity.

To use the Terabyte WiFi adapter on your computer, you need to install a specific driver compatible with your computer. Without the driver, your computer will not detect the Terabyte WiFi adapter. You can install this driver with the CD that comes along with the Terabyte WiFi adapter. If you have lost your CD or misplaced it, do not worry you have links available on the internet, which will allow you to download the driver to your computer.

Once you have downloaded the driver using the CD or the link on the internet to your computer, install the driver following the setup guide and enjoy a high-speed internet connection seamlessly. It is a one-time process and once you have installed the adapter, you can enjoy a seamless internet connection.

terabyte wifi adapter driver w77mi windows linux

Download Terabyte WiFi Adapter Driver



Official Download Source: TerabyteUnlimited.com

How to install a Terabyte WiFi adapter and driver on your computer?

Installing a Terabyte WiFi adapter and driver on your computer is simple. If you have purchased the Terabyte WiFi adapter from the store, you are provided with a CD that contains the driver of the Terabyte WiFi Adapter. The Terabyte driver is software that helps your computer to communicate with the Terabyte WiFi adapter. Without installing the driver, you will not be able to use the WiFi adapter. You would also be provided with a manual that covers the entire installation process. You can follow the features and installation guide and set up the Terabyte WiFi adapter and driver on your computer.

But the catch is, nobody likes to go through a bulky manual, which is quite tiresome. So, here is a simple description of how to install and set up a Terabyte WiFi adapter and driver on your computer.

Steps to install and set up Terabyte WiFi adapter and driver on your computer:

  1. If you have purchased the Terabyte WiFi adapter, open the package and pick the CD. Now, insert the CD into the DVD writer of your computer. Open the CD drive and open the folder named MTK.
  2. In the MTK folder, you will find different folders for each type of operating system. The folder will be named MT7601U Linux, MT7601U mac, windows, etc. Select the folder that is compatible with your operating system. If you are using a Windows operating system, you should install the windows version. If you install any other version other than that your computer will not be able to recognize the WiFi adapter.  
  3. Open the selected folder and click on the setup file that launches the installation setup. Click on Next and then the Install button. Wait until the installation is successful.
  4. Once the installation is successful, click on Finish. Go back to the main folder, select Realtek, and then Windows. In the Windows folder, click on setup.exe. This installs a file similar to the adapter driver from the previous file. After completion of installation, click on Finish and restart your computer.
  5. Once your computer is restarted, pick the USB adapter from the Terabyte WiFi adapter and driver and insert it into your computer. On the desktop, insert the USB adapter on the back panel port.
  6. As you insert the USB adapter, the driver installation notification will be displayed at the right bottom and detection of the USB adapter. You can see the WiFi icon on the bottom right-hand side of your computer.
  7. You are ready to enjoy high-speed internet on your computer.

These files are drivers of the USB adapter that helps your computer to recognize the Terabyte WiFi adapter and access the adapter. After the above steps if your computer still fails to recognize the Terabyte WiFi adapter, restart your computer with the USB inserted. This will fix the issue. Make sure you do not remove or uninstall these driver files. You will need the driver files installed as long as you wish to use the WiFi adapter. This WiFi adapter can provide you with high speed while downloading and streaming.

Try to connect with a WiFi hotspot. Initially, try connecting to a WiFi hotspot that is not secured with a hotpot, as this is easier. Your computer will detect and get connected. You can check by surfing the internet with any browser. Check if the website is loading. If there is an issue with the hardware, you can contact the service center of Terabyte and they will be glad to help you. It is necessary to have a stable internet connection and distance from the hotspot in the close vicinity to enjoy maximum speed and efficiency.

If the driver is compatible and working well then save it in a separate folder. So, whenever your computer requires formatting or you reinstall the Terabyte WiFi adapter you don’t need to download the driver again.

Conclusion: Terabyte W777mi WiFi Adapter Driver Download

A WiFi adapter is an essential device required to access the internet without a USB. Terabyte WiFi adapter is the best solution to access the internet without USB that is affordable and has the best features and comes with a warranty. It is easy to install and provides the fastest solution to connect to the internet.   

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