Best Textsheet Alternatives in 2023

Textsheet was a great site for quick answers and solutions but it got shut down. Textsheet alternative is what students seek nowadays, check out the best Textsheet Alternatives in 2019.

Earlier, students used to visit for finding answers to the questions and take help for completing their assignments. However, a DMCA notice from Chegg made sure that the site is no longer available for anyone and thus, it was difficult for the students to find a place as good as to complete their homework. Life of students became more difficult after hearing this devastating news. To make life easier for the students, we will talk about some of the best alternatives for Textsheet which the students will love. We have discussed various sites that serve the same purpose as a textbook. Scroll down to find out some of the best alternatives for

List of Textsheet Alternatives

So here is the list of best Textsheet alternatives curated by our content creators by reviewing each and one of them.

#1 Chegg

textsheet alternative

Chegg copyrighted for copying their content which is the reason why we do not have in the first place. Thus, Chegg is undoubtedly the first and foremost alternative to which helps the users with their assignments and homework.

There are various assignments that you can get solutions for through Chegg. There is a large number of solutions to various assignments and to help the students better, Chegg also has an option where the students can ask the experts. This feature helps the students especially when they are unable to find an answer to a certain question. The experts help you solve the answer in case it has not been solved already. It is a great site and one of the best Textsheet Alternative.

Chegg might be the best alternative for, it comes with a major drawback. Chegg is not free of cost and it is not cheap either. The students are required to get a monthly membership. Therefore, if you need the app for a couple of days or even a day, you need to pay for the whole month’s subscription.

Membership Price For Students

  • The initial monthly subscription fee for the students is $14.95. However, students have an option to go for the trial version which lasts for 30 minutes. It is an online tutoring service given to the users for 30 minutes for free.

When you get a Chegg account per month, you get these services:

  • You can ask questions from various experts and enthusiasts any time you want to ask.
  • You have the answer to millions of questions for your assignments and homework.
  • You also get step-by-step textbook solutions to over 22,000 ISBNs that’s why it is in the list of best Textsheet Alternatives.

#2 Slader

sladar textsheet alternative

Another alternative for is Slader which offers the students answers to millions of questions for their homework. The students can easily find the answers from here and the best part about the site is that unlike Chegg, Slader is absolutely free of cost.

Most of the high school students use Slader app and are using it as their prime site to get the answers to millions of questions relating to all the subjects. The quality of Slader has only been increasing with each passing day and the quality of content is improving. They are also adding new college content to their site and thus, expanding the college-level answers. The site offers answers to all the students for all the subjects absolutely free of cost and the interface makes it easier for the users to access the website.

#3 Studylib

studylib textsheet alternative

Another top-level Textsheet Alternative or you can say alternative for the is Studylib which is absolutely free of cost for the students as well. The students will come across millions of solved assignments homework solutions as well as the assignments. However, if you use Slader as well as Studylib, you might find Studylib a tad bit less organized than Slader. However, that does not stop this site from being one of the best sources to find the answers to your assignments and homework.

The best feature of the Studylib site is that you are allowed to share your notes to help out your friends and other students. You can also receive help from other students who are using Studylib to find answers. With that, you will find a variety of answers from the fellow students in case you do not find an exact answer to your question. Once you read other students’ answers, it helps you to find the answers to your solutions much better.

On this site, you will easily find solutions to various subjects such as History, Maths, Business and Finance, Science, etc.

Another top feature of the site is that you can add various documents and papers in your personal collection after you sign up to the site. It is just like you adding a song to your Spotify playlists. All of this is absolutely free of cost for the students.

#4 Course Hero

sites like textsheet

Last but not least, Course Hero. Course Hero is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives for and is the ultimate source for the students to study and download the study material. According to Course Hero, the site comes with more than 25 Million of study materials for the students. All the study material is course-specific thus, it is a great site for the students to look at.

Course Hero is well-organized with which the students do not find any difficulty while they are trying to find a document and course. There are various categories with which students can find the study material. It includes School name, Subject or books. Course Hero offers you a chance to make money as well by uploading and referring to your friends. There are various filters which you can apply to find the solutions by Study Documents, Course, Questions and Explanations. Overall, Case Hero is a perfect site for you to find out the answers to your homework and assignments with complete explanations. Its quality is what makes it on the list of best Textsheet Alternatives.

In order to download the documents, you must have to register. Therefore, you need to log in before you can proceed with downloading any document or a book.


These are the best alternatives for or you can say best Textsheet Alternatives which you must try out to find the solutions to your assignments. We have tried these sites and these are undoubtedly the perfect sites for you. You must check these sites out once.

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