Top Websites to Download Korean Dramas for free (English Subtitles)

Here are the best Websites to download Korean Dramas For Free! You can also watch Korean Dramas online with English Subtitles!

Over the years, Korean Drama series have grown popular all over the world and millions of people from everywhere love to watch these Korean Dramas, especially online. Most of the times, however, people are unable to find a platform to watch the Korean Dramas. If you are going through the same problem, you have nothing to worry about because in this article we will discuss various online sites from where you can easily download and watch Korean Dramas that too without paying a single penny for them. These websites also include the SRT in English.

websites to download korean dramas

Below are mentioned the reasons why Korean Dramas have become popular over the years and which made people join the genre and enjoy it. Apart from the engaging plot and intriguing content, the reasons for their popularity are:

  • Different Culture: There is a whole different culture portrayed in the Korean Dramas which is interesting to watch for the users. While you watch these shows, you get to know a lot about different cultures of different countries. Same is with watching Korean Dramas, you get to know a lot about the Korean culture.
  • Clean Content: Another reason for the popularity of Korean Dramas is that they do not rely on vulgar content and nudity for their popularity, they focus on clean content and they provide neat and clean shows for their viewers all over the world.
  • Pretty Actors: Another major reason behind the popularity of Korean Dramas is that they have pretty actors leading the show which is like an eye candy for the people watching it. Handsome hunks and beautiful divas keep the audience glued to their screens. Most of the audience is ranging between 18-30 and thus, they love watching pretty actors on the television.

Before moving to the sites which let you download the popular Korean Dramas, you need to know that the sites which we have mentioned below focus only on Korean Dramas and not other genres or shows from all over the world. Korean Dramas is the major focus.

Top Websites to download Korean Dramas for free are:

#1 NewAsian TV

The first on the list is NewAsianTV, which is a popular website which allows you to download Korean Dramas. It is in their name too. The website is a hub of all the Asian dramas including Japanese Dramas, Korean Dramas, etc.

The pros of the website are that it has a user-friendly interface which makes it easier for the viewers to scroll and look for the best Korean Drama according to their choice and taste. Another advantage of the website is that you can get the Korean Dramas free of cost. The website comes with a flaw as well. The only drawback, according to us, of NewAsian TV is that it is not available in every country and is just available in selected ones.

#2 is another popular website known for its variety of Korean Dramas.

The pros of include that it has an easy and a smooth interface which allows the users to get a hold of top Dramas whenever they want. There is a search option as well, which allows you to get whatever you are looking for in no time at all. There is a wide range of Dramas from various countries including Korean, Japanese and Chinese Dramas.

However, has a major drawback and that is that it includes a lot of advertisements which might make your experience a little annoying.

#3 Viki

Viki is another name added on the list of popular sites to download Korean Dramas for free. Viki is considered to be one of the best sites which allows you to download Korean Dramas.

The features which make the site a top class site include that it is available in almost every single country. Moreover, the site also provides subtitles to their users which makes their watching experience much better because they can watch the Korean Drama in any language which they wish to watch.

However, the site comes with a downside as well. The downside of Viki is that it has a lot of advertisements which might not make the user’s watching experience smooth.

#4 Sojuoppa

Another popular site which allows you to watch Korean Dramas online is Sojuoppa. The website’s owners are clearly putting a lot of effort into making the site as smooth as possible for their users and it is clearly visible as well.

Sojuoppa uploads new Korean Dramas every single day on the website as well. The best part about the site is that the user can download his favorite Korean drama with just one single click because of the simple layout the website has.

#5 Dramago

Another popular site to download and stream popular Korean Dramas is Dramago which allows the viewers to get everything that they are looking for. The users can search for top popular and super hit drama shows which saves a lot of time for the people which they spend in surfing through the site.

The website is a home to loads of Korean Dramas, even the ones you have never heard of. They also have a lot of Korean dramas listed right on the home page of their site which gives you an idea about what to watch.

#6 DramaBeans

While talking about top sites to watch Korean Dramas, one should never forget DramaBeans which is a home to tons of Korean Dramas which the users would love to watch. Not only does DramaBeans has Korean Dramas but also it has Chinese, Japanese and other Asian Dramas. It is like an all in one package.

The website has an easy interface and allows you easy navigation for Korean and Asian Dramas. The reason behind the popularity of DramaBeans is that it is one of the oldest sites available for you on the internet for downloading Korean Dramas.

#7 Thedramacool

Next site to download Korean Dramas absolutely free of cost is Thedramacool.

You might think of the website as a blog when you first open it, but it has a huge collection of various Korean Dramas for you to watch online or download it.

Major advantage of the site is that it allows you to watch all the Dramas in high quality without you having to pay anything to stream it. The administration of the site is making sure that their users get the best of experience while using their website because of which th you add new content and features regularly on the website.

#8 Dramanice

Dramanice is another site which one should definitely check out if he loves to watch Korean Dramas. The reason behind that is not only the variety of Korean Dramas that the site has, but it is because of the kind of layout the website has. It is attractive to say the least and everyone loves it whenever they open the site for the first time.

The layout of the site is white and pink which makes it unique in comparison to the other sites. You can find all the Korean Dramas on this site including the old as well as the new ones. Furthermore, you also get subtitles for the video that you are watching as well.

Therefore, according to us, you should definitely go and check this app out. If not for the content, do it for the layout.

#9 KissAsian

Last site on the list which allows you to download and stream Korean Dramas free of cost is the KissAsian site.

The site has a wide range of Korean Dramas on offer for their users which are divided into various categories including love, action and emotions. Moreover, the layout of the app is just absolutely perfect and the interface of the app is easy and smooth for the users. Because of this, the users can easily download the Korean Dramas without any problems.

Not only that, but the new Korean Dramas are being uploaded day by day as well, to keep the users updated with the latest Dramas. KissAsian site also allows you to watch and download movies as well.

Therefore, if you are looking to watch Korean Dramas, you must definitely check one of these apps out to have a wonderful experience while watching whatever you are looking for.

Some other popular and trusted websites to watch Korean Dramas online with English Subtitles:

  1. Netflix

Well, we do not need to tell you about Netflix because it is the most popular online streaming site which allows you to watch whatever you want to. Whenever people talk about watching anything online, Netflix is the first option that they consider. However, you cannot find Netflix for free, you have to pay to use Netflix.

  1. Hulu

Hulu is another popular online streaming site like Netflix which allows you to watch various shows online. This is also a great option for you to consider.

Conclusion: Websites to Download Korean Dramas

These are all the apps which allow you to stream Korean Dramas online for free. If you love to watch Korean Dramas, you must definitely check these sites out and you will definitely find what you are looking for.

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