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We have compiled a list of Websites Like WatchCartoonOnline for you.

 During our childhood, we spent a major chunk of the day watching cartoons and if given a chance, we would do that today as well, even as grown-ups because who doesn’t like to be nostalgic once in a while? Cartoons are that one thing which will never bore us, no matter how many times do we watch it and what shows and movies we prefer as grown-ups. 

With new cartoons these days, it is almost impossible for us to watch our favourite cartoons on television, but thanks to the internet, we always have an opportunity to watch our favourite cartoons at any time, whether we do it through streaming or by downloading it. WatchCartoonOnline is one such platform which allows us to do that. 


WatchCartoonOnline is a website which is one of the best websites for all the Anime and Cartoon lovers. It has a huge database, full of videos, Anime Clips, TV Shows, movies, etc. It also provides the users with subtitles and accurate dubbing, making it one of the best sites to watch cartoons. The quality of the website is the reason why it has a huge user base all over the world. 

However, sometimes people get bored of WatchCartoonOnline or sometimes, the site is out of service or maybe you are unable to find the content that you were looking for, because of which, it is essential for the users to know various alternatives for WatchCartoonOnline. In this article, we will discuss some of the best alternatives for WatchCartoonOnline which will have the content that you need. Some of the best sites likes WatchCartoonOnline are: 

#1 ToonJet


One of the best websites like WatchCartoonOnline is ToonJet which contains some of the best cartoon content in the world online, making it one of the most famous websites in the world for cartoons. The best part about this site is that you do not have to register before using the services of the site and you can directly open the site and watch your favourite cartoons as and when you wish to watch. It has one of the best content that you would find in a cartoon website including shows like Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Merrie Melodies, Woody Woodpecker, etc. 

#2 9Anime


Another one of the most famous websites like WatchCartoonOnline is 9Anime. As the name goes, it is one of the best sites available for you if you want to watch Anime. The site is a home to tons of Anime video content including old Anime series. The best part is that you will find all of those series in HD quality, making it a go-to place for you to look for any and all Anime and Cartoon you wish to watch. If you are unable to find a particular Anime series that you wish to watch, you can simply request it and you will get that Anime in no time. 

#3 CartoonCrazy

Another top site like WatchCartoonOnline is CartoonCrazy, which is one of the oldest websites for cartoons and anime. Through CartoonCrazy, you can watch various cartoons as well as dubbed animes from their library. It has a vast range of Anime, cartoons, movies, etc and all of that in HD quality and free of cost. Furthermore, you can watch all the content offered on CartoonCrazy without having to sign-up for it. 

#4 SuperCartoons

Another top website like WatchCartoonOnline is SuperCartoons, which has made its name for streaming old and most popular cartoon shows. SuperCartoons comes with an easy-to-use interface, thus making it easier for you to browse your favourite cartoon or anime without any problem. You have cartoons like Looney Tunes available to you for your entertainment. The best part about this site is that you can choose your cartoon in various categories such as choosing from a character, or a studio for that matter like Universal Studios, Warner Bros, etc. 

#5 AnimePahe

Another website, specifically for Anime lovers, is AnimePahe, which provides a lot of content to their users absolutely free of cost. You will find loads of dubbed content, videos, series, etc available to you for streaming as well as downloading. Because of the clean interface AnimePahe has, it becomes much easier for a person to look for his favourite Anime show in no time. Furthermore, the site does not show unnecessary ads to you throughout your stay, which makes it one of the best sites for you to check for your streaming services. 

#6 CartoonsOn

Next up on the list is CartoonsOn website which is one of the best alternatives available for the users especially if they are looking for high quality content and a user-friendly interface. CartoonsOn will provide you with all the latest videos and cartoons that will keep you engaged. You can also find the content you are looking for from a specific production houses such as Marvel Comics, Walt Disney, etc. If you do not find a cartoon that you are looking for, you have nothing to worry about because this website allows you to request for the cartoon that you desire. If you come across any error while accessing the website, you can report it right there and then and the problem will be taken care of you. 

#7 Chia Anime

Another alternative for you to consider is Chia Anime, which is one of the best sites if you are looking to get a huge anime collection at one place. Through Chia Anime, you can easily watch various Asian Dramas, Anime, etc. You can also listen to various Anime soundtracks. Not only that, but you also have an option to read manga of almost all genres including slice of life, drama, and others. 

On this website, you will find all your Anime series dubbed in English, making it suitable for people all over the world. However, you will find a lot of ads running on the website because that is how the website earns. Thus, it is better if you simply ignore those ads and enjoy your content. 

#8 OtakuStream


Another one of the best sites like WatchCartoonOnline is OtakuStream, which is home to some of the best anime TV shows and movies from various genres like drama, comedy, romance, thriller, action, etc. The only drawback of this website is that it does not have as much content as there is, on other sites. Even with less content, OtakuStream has one of the most active communities in the genres. Other than that, it is undoubtedly one of the best sites available to you for watching your content online. 

#9 Cartoon Network

One of the best and most popular alternatives for WatchCartoonOnline is Cartoon Network, which is a familiar name for everyone and why not? Tom and Jerry used to come here after all. It is a unique website which not only offers you to stream and download the cartoons, but also it provides songs, trailers and the funny moments of each show available which will make sure that you are never bored while scrolling through the site. Furthermore, you get hundred of online video games to play, for adults as well as kids. Along with watching your favourite cartoons, you can also play games with your favourite characters such as Ben10, Adventure Time, etc. 

#10 AnimeShow

When you open AnimeShow, the first thing that you will realise is the vast library of content this website has to offer to their users. When you browse the sidebar, you will find all the animes that are currently ongoing on the website. AnimeShow has an attractive interface which will make you enjoy your show that you are streaming. The only drawback of this is that you will find pop-up ads while you are streaming your content which might irritate you. It comes with all kinds of genres such as comedy, action, drama, adventure, romance, mystery, slice of life, space, horror, fantasy, etc. 

#11 KissAnime

Another one of the most leading websites for Anime streaming is KissAnime, which comes with loads of content to offer to the users. If you are looking for an Anime to enjoy in HD quality, free of cost, then KissAnime is the go-to platform for you. The site has an easy interface and has almost all the Anime genres to choose from such as comedy, horror, action, romance, etc.  

#12. AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima is another one of the best sites like WatchCartoonOnline which offer the users a wide range of content including almost every Anime series in original as well as the dubbed version. Not only that, but AnimeUltima also offers various polls, forums, informative content, events, etc to the users. 

#13 KissCartoon

Last but not the least, we have KissCartoon which is a top tier website for you to watch Anime absolutely free of cost. One of the best things about the website is that you do not need to register to watch the content that you want. You can directly watch it once you open the website. On KissCartoon, you will be up to date with the content. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular sites to watch cartoons and anime. 

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