CQAtest App: About, Functions and other FAQs

CQATest is the abbreviation for Certified Quality Auditor. The software is designed to ascertain the high-quality performance on Motorola or Android devices and runs smoothly on any device without any glitches. CQAtest app is a performance check of the system of the device. This is done by finding out issues through assessing techniques, strengths, glitches, weaknesses, etc. The main objective of the CQA test app is to create the upcoming models of mobile devices better and smoother.

How does the CQAtest app get into the device?

This test app is already available and hidden in the smartphone models as a diagnostic tool. One cannot see the application on the homepage or the app drawer, but if you want to find the app on your device, then just browse through the System menu.

Accessing the CQA test app on devices

The regular app drawer of any device does not showcase the CQA test application. This app has diagnostic abilities and is a hidden tool just like the demo mode application in many of the devices. The CQA test app gets visible only when your device stops working appropriately. However, the location of the app can be easily found out. This application is hidden in the system menu of the device.

There are also many other ways to access the CQA test application through the device. If the app is not available in the System menu of the device then the users can dial *#*#2486#8#8 from the mobile and make a call. If the device supports the application then the app appears in the menu of the device.

When the CQA test application is opened on the device, there are four options to select from. These options include MMI test, Model Assembly mode, Sequence mode, and menu mode. The CQA Menu mode is used for diagnosing handheld devices. Various tests on the devices such as on-camera, Bluetooth, sensors, audio, display, etc. The performances of each and every part of the device can be analyzed and monitored through this application. Many times it is also observed that many devices support the app, However, the app is not pre-installed on the device. For all such devices, the CQA test can always be installed from the internet. And it is very simple to download the test app. Simply google the app name and then download the apk file of the CQA test from a genuine and official website. It is very important to be cautious about fraud websites while downloading the application.

Is the CQA test harmful?

Many users are concerned if the CQA test app is harmful to the device. But it is evidently seen and observed that this app is not harmful to your device. It does not damage the phone in any way. The only visible damage is that it drains the battery of the phone quickly. When the app pops up in the midst of some work, that becomes irritating.

However, this issue can be resolved by following some of the tricks such as:

  • Browse through the settings of the device, and tap on Disable button.
  • Also, you can clear cache from the device and the application as well.
  • To get rid of the irritating pop-ups of the CQA test application, reset factory settings can be performed.

Safety with CQA test app

This particular application is believed to be very safe for any kind of device. It does not have any kind of malware or viruses. Therefore it is stated as very safe for the health of any device or phone. The app assures that it does not collect any of your personal data. Also, the developers have designed it in a way that it is very difficult to get the phone or any device hacked through this application. Therefore the developers assure that the privacy of the users is not invaded through this application.


CQA test app functions

  1. The CQA test functions are hidden in the system of your device. This also implies that the developers are able to access your data excluding the personal details on your device.
  2. Reports stating the status of the system operation are generated regularly for Motorola and Android devices. Along with it, the functional status of the other apps is also received and other important data combines.
  3. This overall status report is sought to ensure that the products you use on your device are up to the standard of the developers. When you switch to the new smartphone, this data can be seen in the agreement of the Terms & services.
  4. Thus one can conclude that the CQA test app is working on your device as hidden software to keep a check on the system of the device. However, it should be noted that if ever you find a CQA test app running in the gallery then shoot an alarm to reboot the system.

Problems with CQA test app

The prominent function of the CQA test app is to diagnose the issues persisting in the device. Therefore it is deliberately hidden in the system. The reason to keep the app hidden from the user is very simple that the developers use the app for diagnosing the functioning and performance of the device diligently. But if ever the app is seen explicitly on the main menu of the device then, the section where it gets displayed is to be monitored thoroughly.

The external components of the device are tested for their performance by the CQA test. These include a torch, touch screen, microphone, loudspeaker, etc. The CQA test application assists to monitor all the functionalities and components such as display, camera, speaker, flashlight, touchscreen, FM radio, Bluetooth, etc. However, it is observed that in the Motorolla devices, this app slowdown and considerably affects the performance and the speed of the device. The application occupies lots of space due to the storage and RAM in the device. It is also observed that with this app in the device, Motorola devices show issues such as trouble in accessing sim card, the nonappearance of the battery indicator, mobile automatically and frequently goes to airplane mode.

Some of the problems identified with the CQA test app are as follows:

  • Home Button creates a performance problem
  • Apps recently downloaded has a problem working
  • The lock screen does not perform properly
  • The camera does not open by hitting the power button
  • Incoming calls also have problems

But the mobile devices can be simply brought to normal by following some steps if ever the Motorola or Android devices are affected by the CQA test app.

Disabling the CQA test app from the mobile device

The results sought by the CQA test app start to be seen on the main menu of the device. Also, an error that notifies “CQA test comm server has started” gets displayed on the device. If this happens it implies that the CQA test has started misbehaving and needs to be removed from the mobile device.

CQA test app can be removed from the Android or Motorola device very easily by following some simple steps. There are two methods through which this app can be deleted or disabled.

  • Clearing cache

This method is too simple to be performed and at times really effective. Browse through the Settings of the device. Go to the Apps menu. Tap on the Force Install button of the app to disable or force-stop the application. The issue that persists can also be solved by clearing the cache of the application as well as the device.

  • Hard reset

If the problem still persists, then the only option is to hard reset the device. The steps for hard reset are as follows:

  • Browse through the settings of the device
  • Go to the backup and reset tab
  • Tap the Factory reset button
  • When you hit the Factory reset button, all the data along with the mobile settings get erased from the device. The mobile or any other device gets in the mode when you purchased the device

However, it is suggested to take the backup of the overall system data and other information to any other external device for future reference.

The users of Motorola G4s plus gets the message of “Try power cycling a device”. When such a message appears reboot means shut down and restart the device.

Conclusion: What is the CQAtest App?

Quality is the prime importance to satisfy the customers for any product. Therefore it is important to have a quality check for any product whether the performance of the device would be up to the mark or not. To have such a check CQA test application facilitates and assists testing of every individual component and part of the smartphones. This application is a hidden tool in all the devices that support the system and runs silently. Whenever there is some issue with the system it creates an alarm and raises the system issue. This problem also gets resolved if properly taken care of. But this also should be always kept in mind that if any abnormality is encountered in the application, then follow the steps to eliminate the app from the device.


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