Is 123Movies safe and legal? Review and Alternatives

All you need to know about 123Movies. Is it safe? Is it legal? Let’s find out.

These days people do not watch their favourite movies on cable TV, especially because of the presence of various streaming websites which allow you to stream movies at any time you wish to. There are various websites which offer a vast range of movies which you can stream online and can watch whenever you have the time. One such streaming website is 123Movies, which is now known as GoMovies and GoStream. It is an extremely popular website, used by people all over the world, especially because of the vast content it offers to the users.


is 123Movies safe and legal?

123Movies has a lot of content on offer to the users, including the movies which have been released recently in the theatres. However, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to be extra careful while using these streaming sites because the content which they acquire is illegally obtained and operating these sites might inject your computer with malware.

Below, we have reviewed the website which will give you a clear idea about how the site works and if it is perfect for you. With this review, all the questions that you have could be answered easily. Review

On the surface, the looks good, however, one thing you need to know is that these streaming sites where you can watch free movies and TV shows online are illegal. This is the reason why the authorities have been endlessly hunting 123Movies down and that is the reason why 123Movies has changed its hosting providers endless number of times. The name of the site has also been changed multiple times, and the reason for that is the illegally obtained content.

However, you still can watch the content without getting sued, therefore, it will not be a big issue for you to watch your favourite movies on such websites. The bigger risk involved in using such websites is not getting sued, it is to get your device infected with virus, malware, ransomware, etc.

There have also been reports stating that sometimes there are pop-up messages which the users get which ask them to enter the credit card information. This means that someone somewhere is somehow trying to steal your personal data as well as credit card information, which is dangerous.

Below, we will discuss 123Movies or in detail and you will get all the information that you need to know about the website. We also have mentioned some alternatives for GoStream/123Movies which you can try in case 123Movies does not work. For that, you will have to scroll down.

What is 123Movies?

123Movies is one of the most popular video streaming websites through which a user can stream pirated movies absolutely free of cost. 123Movies is not the only video streaming site you have in the market, there are other similar sites there too which serve the same purpose. However, what makes 123Movies one of the best streaming sites is that it has a vast range of content on offer to the users. 123Movies is a part of a network of clone websites and is currently running on domain, however, it is likely to change too.

While operating 123Movies, you will see a huge catalog of titles which is the content that the website offers to their users. There are all sorts of content which you will get including the latest releases. Furthermore, there is no need to create an account or even log-in to the account. All you need to do is simply click on the movie title you wish to watch and then you can begin streaming your movie on your computer or mobile phone, whatever you choose.

As we have mentioned above, the site offers a wide range of movies and TV shows to the users and that is why it is an extremely popular website. Not only do you get blockbusters and all the latest releases here, but you also get other content from other video streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. You can browse the website and watch the favourite content on your smartphone, tablet or computer easily.

Not only does 123Movies has a website, but there is also an app for Kodu and Roku devices which you can download. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you download the app or visit the website.

Is 123Movies Legal?

In various Western countries, it is illegal to display the content which was not obtained with proper licensing. However, 123Movies is not just limited to the Western countries, it works in almost every corner of the world including those countries where there are not much strict laws for copyright infringement and anti-piracy. One thing that 123Movies has done to help them circumvent the law in a few countries. What they did is that rather than hosting their video content on their website, they just link to the pirated content. Whenever you click on a movie link, the content you then stream is streamed from a secure cyber locker or some other online source.

123Movies is illegal in the United States and 123Movies do not purchase the content they offer to their users on their website even though they do not host the content themselves.

Is 123Movies Safe?

No, 123Movies is not the safest option for you to visit not just because of the legal issues but because of the viruses and malware which might enter your computer through the website as well as the mobile app. 123Movies has tons of clone websites which look exactly like 123Movies. The reason why these sites are created is to distribute viruses and malware and you must avoid such websites at any cost. The virus enters your device through JavaScript which is contained on the website. Another way with which the virus is transferred is via ads which you see on the website. If you are visiting the website, make sure that your device is protected with a firewall and antivirus program. The hackers use a security threat called “malvertising” to use hacks and send malicious code and viruses to the people who open the website.

Basically, even if the owners of 123Movies do not look to harm the visitors the low quality and untrusted ads which are displayed on the website from third parties can still end up harming the users by infecting viruses and malware to their device and even by redirecting the user to other malicious websites.

What Happened to the Original Streaming Site?

The original 123Movies website was shut down by The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) as they worked with officials in Vietnam. After the original website was taken down by them, there were hundreds of similar websites which appeared ever since the original site got closed. These days, it is extremely hard for the user to keep a track of the official 123Movies site because the site changes the domain name frequently to remain active.

When a site is taken down, a new one rises instantly to inject viruses and malware into computers and these clone sites are also illegal, just like the original site.

Should You Watch Movies on 123Movies?

Despite all of this, 123Movies has visitors in the millions even if they know that the site is unsafe and illegal. The content you see is not hosted by 123Movies, however the content you find on the site is still illegally obtained. Moreover, it also comes with a risk of your device getting harmed and your personal data getting leaked through malware and viruses.

There are a lot of websites which allow video streaming legally for free or for just a few bucks per month which you can try instead of 123Movies. The content offered by those platforms, however, is not as vast as 123Movies, but they are safe for you to use and legal as well.

Best Free Alternatives to 123 Movies

Some of the best alternatives to 123Movies are as follows:

PopcornFlix: It is one of the most popular and a free streaming site which has a lot of content on offer to the users. There are a few ads which you might come across, but overall, it is a great experience. Mostly, the content they get us from Screen Media Ventures.
Sony Crackle: Another one of the most trusted and free websites is Sony Crackle which supports watching the movies on multiple devices including Roku, XBox, iPhone, Android devices, PlayStation, etc. The content offered is mostly from Sony Pictures.
Tubi TV: This is a US-exclusive app which is considered as one of the best alternatives for Netflix. The app does not have a vast selection of movies to choose from, however, it is absolutely free of cost. You will come across a few ads, but they do not end up annoying the user.
Yidio: Another legal alternative supported by ads is Yidio where a user can easily find full TV shows, Series and episodes of a lot of shows. Yidio will definitely give you a great watching experience.

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