Is Watching Movies and TV Shows on VMovee Legal and Safe?

Currently, there are hundreds and thousands of websites and apps with which you can watch movies and TV shows absolutely free of cost. Some allow you to download the content you wish to watch whereas some of them simply allow you to stream the content. With some sites, you can stream as well as download the content that you want to watch. VMovee is another such site which allows the users to browse their favourite movie or a TV show which they can watch through VMovee every time they wish to. Although the VMovee app is easy for the user to use and browse through, it is not really the safest option for you to consider especially because VMovee is not legal in a few countries. Therefore, you need to make sure about the safety and legality of the website before you decide to use the website for watching content. 

What is VMovee?


For those who do not know, VMovee is an online video streaming website which allows users to stream their favourite movies and TV shows any time they want, absolutely free of cost. To use VMovee, you do not have to create an account before watching the content. Currently, VMovee is working on the domain, however, in the past, they have used a lot of domains such as, etc. 

When you visit the website, you will come across a search feature with which you can search for whatever movie or a show which you would like to watch. Furthermore, you will also have w categories option where the movies and shows are divided into various categories depending on the genre. With this, you can easily find all the latest releases and you will not miss out on anything. 

To avoid legal issues, VMovee does not host streaming of the content on their platform. What they do instead is add links to various other sites and even embed the video in a page with which you can watch your content there. Once you click on any link, you usually get redirected to various other websites and you get pop-up windows full of advertisements. 

What Kind of Movies and TV Shows Are Offered?

There are hundreds and thousands of movies and shows that you will find on VMovee site including those which have been released recently. You might also find various movies here before you could rent them or buy them. There is a huge variety of movies of all genres and you can get all kinds of TV shows for free on this platform. 

Is VMovee Legal and Safe to Use?

One thing you must know is that VMovee is not safe and legal for you to use. There are a lot of pop-ups which you will come across and you will also be redirected to various unsafe websites and it also increases the risk of your devices getting infected with viruses and malware. 

VMovee does not host the videos which you find on their website to avoid legal issues and to save their website from getting shut down. The videos, however, that you see like the movies and TV shows, are illegally obtained. 

Can You Get a Virus from Watching Movies on VMovee?

When you stream the content through sites like VMovee, there is always a risk of you getting a virus on your device. As we have already mentioned above, when you open the app, there are a lot of redirects and pop-ups that you come across which might harm your device. Usually, you will find a “watch now” or a “play” button on the bottom of a video and these buttons take you to other websites rather than playing the video you wanted to be played. This is one of the ways with which these sites earn money which involves making the user visit other sites which might harm the device of a user by bringing virus in it. If you are watching a movie or a TV show through VMovee, you must make sure that you are avoiding clicking on the ads and you must also close the ads and the redirects. It is also recommended that you use a VPN and a good quality Anti-virus software that will help you. 

Can You Face Legal Action from Using VMovee?

As a user, you must know the legal risks that involve once you use the site. Some countries have laws against sites like VMovee and prohibit the use of such sites because of the anti-piracy law and copyright infringement issues. However, VMovee avoids legal action because they do not host the videos on their website. The companies which own the rights to the content displayed by VMovee on their website might take it to the court in search for a legal action, however, these complaints do not always result in a legal action. If, somehow, a site is forced to shut down because of legal actions, a clone site opens in a few days and runs consistently. 

In such cases, it is extremely rare that an individual user faces a legal action for downloading the content they are not supposed to. However, there are some internet service providers who might throttle the internet speed of the users and might also mail the users, threatening them to cancel their services. 

Should You Use VMovee to Stream Movies and TV?

VMovee is one of the many sites which host the streaming of free content such as free movies, TV shows, etc. It is not a unique website that offers unique content. 

All the content that you find on VMovee is obtained illegally but these websites avoid legal action by not hosting the content on their website. It is highly unlikely for you, as a user, to face legal action, however, you might face some actions from your internet service provider. 

It is extremely convenient for you to stream movies and TV shows through VMovee, however, there is always a risk of your device getting exposed to viruses and malware. Instead of using an illegal website, it is preferable to use a legal one. 

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