15 Sites like Primewire Alternatives to Watch Movies

Sites like Primewire are searched heavily by people. We have listed down the top 15 Primewire Alternatives for you to watch your movies.

Due to the busy schedule, nowadays, people prefer to watch movies while sitting in front of their PCs and TVs rather than going out in the cinemas. Watching movies online has become popular among Internet users. Also, they prefer to watch TV shows online and it is really helpful for the citizens of those countries where the latest episodes are televised late.¬†Primewire is a very site to watch movies and TV shows online for free. Primewire has a library of more than ten thousand movies and shows, which are all available for free. It provides the option to stream in 1080p quality which is great as the movies are hosted on a fast server and do not buffer while streaming. Well, Primewire is not the only site to provide similar facilities for entertainment. In this article, we’ll share the best 15 sites like Primewire alternatives which let you stream Movies or TV Shows for free. Without further ado, let’s read about them.

Sites like Primewire Alternatives

Just like Primewire, there are many other websites which provide free on-demand streaming of Movies and TV Shows. These websites are generally hidden from search engines so it is hard to find them. But for your convenience, we have made an amazing list of Sites like Primewire where you’ll find thousands of movies and TV shows for free. All of these Primewire alternatives have their pros and cons depending on their library size, interface and streaming quality. We have ranked them according to whichever are the best. So, let’s explore which websites are the best other than Primewire.

1. Putlocker – Sites like Primewire

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It is a widely used website by millions of Internet users on the daily basis. It is a great alternative if you are looking for a website which fits the role of Primewire. It offers a variety of TV shows as well as movies. The collection of movies is quite large when it comes to Putlocker. You can easily search for any movie you want with the help of a search bar located on the top of the homepage. Also, for the ease of the users, the movies are well organized in the different categories depending upon their genres and the time of release. Moreover, people can download movies from the site for free from Putlocker in HD Quality. Putlocker comes first in the list of sites like Primewire.

2. 123movies – Primewire Alternatives

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It is a decent substitute for Primewire alternatives and its interface is quite similar to it. If you are habitual of using Primewire, then it shouldn’t be difficult to use this site. The site is very helpful for the users who do not know the exact name of the movie as they can simply write a word from the title of that movie and it will display in the search details. Also, you can search a movie via the year of its release as well as the genre it belongs to out of the given categories. The movies are available for free to stream and download it in the HD quality without spending any money or creating an account.

3. Niter

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Niter is a popular media streaming site among Internet users. It is available for free and there is no need to create a new account or any sort of registration. Niter has an absolute modern styled layout to attract more of the users from the different parts of the world. Moreover, it has a slight resemblance with Netflix and works similarly as Primewire that’s why we have included it in the list of sites like Primewire. For the benefits of the users, there is a synopsis attached to every movie so that the person has an idea about the movie. Also, IMDb rating is described in the description. So, it is a decent choice if you want to have a free source for watching movies and TV shows.

4. Yify

It is a great source for getting latest movies when they are released on the DVD and digital prints. Like Primewire, it displays the latest releases on the homepage so it is easy for the users to know what’s new. Also, the request a movie option is really helpful when it comes to the user not able to find a movie and is not available on Yify. However, unlike Primewire, you cannot stream a movie on Yify. For watching a movie, you must download it and save it on your PC or phone. You can download the movie in 720p, 1080p, and 3D quality. It is really convincing when you can download the movie of your own choice in the preferred quality. It is one of the Primewire alternatives.

5. Cool movie Zone

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It is a great alternative for PrimeWire but the interface is a bit different. Well, the different interface doesn’t mean that it compromises with the convenience of the users. This conservative interface allows the users to navigate throughout and find their movie. The movies are available in the HD quality and various links are provided in case a link is crashed or broken. Moreover, the site is ad-free and if you plan on watching the movie at any other time, you can download it from the movie in the best quality. Downloading a movie from the site is very easy and it can be done on a single click. Overall, it is worth the try.

6. Afdah

If you wish to find a site which is very well designed and the interface is amazing then Afdah should be your site of choice. It is highly organized and the movies are categorized under 27 genres which is quite rare for an online streaming site. Furthermore, it is not limited to this way of organizing the movies, the user is still allowed to search movie by its title or name of the actor as well as director. It doesn’t end here as you can search movie via its language also on Afdah. The best thing about Afdah is that you can report regarding the broken link to the site developers and creators. They usually answer to these matters and fix them in 48-72 hours. This is a great addition in the list of sites like Primewire.

7. Vmovee

Next on the list is a very good substitute for Primewire, Vmovee. You can stream movies on Vmovee for free just like you can do it on Primewire. In comparison with other sites mentioned in this post, Vmovee is very easier to use. The reason is its main page which is very easy for the users to find the movie they desire to watch. For the viewing pleasure of the users, all the movies are available in the HD quality. Also, there is very less buffering as it automatically adjusts to your internet stability and the connection speed. However, on the other hand, the site is not ad-free and it may be irritating to minimize or close pop-ups frequently.

8. SnagFilms

When we talk about different streaming sites like Primewire, no one can ever miss this one. SnagFilms is there in the field for many years now and has been entertaining people since their formation. They are really good at providing an access to the users to different movies as well as TV shows. It is a perfect place for the movie lovers as they can find both, old and new releases. Well, it cannot find a movie then you can put it under the request section and the developers and creators will respond to your request in a few days as they do care about their customers. Moreover, many people regard it as a paradise for movie freaks.

9. Tinklepad

It may sound like a very simple site but Tinklepad is one of the best options to consider when it comes to watching movies online. It has a huge collection of movies which are very well organized under different heads depending upon their year of release and genre. Also, the user is allowed to search for their desired movie by typing its title in the search box displayed on the top of the web page. If the user is not able to find the movie he is looking for, then he can request it to the developers and they will considerably upload it in a week’s time. Moreover, if you feel like watching a movie at any other time then you can download the video in the topmost quality for free from Tinklepad.

10. Vumoo

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Vumoo is a next level website which is meant for the users who actually know what they need. It is the perfect destination for the guys who know what movie they want as the search engine of the Vumoo doesn’t work like Primewire. It doesn’t display all the related searches as it is primarily set to search for an exact title. It may be a problem for the people who have no idea of what they are looking for on the site. The best part of the site is that it has a huge collection of the TV shows and movies with regular updates on the daily basis. It is really helpful when it comes to the user’s part as they do not have to look for different sources when it comes to different episodes of the same show.

11. SolarMovie

The next on our list of sites like Primewire is SolarMovie. It is a people’s choice site as it provides numerous links which leads to the online streaming of a single movie. Instead of hosting it on its own website, it offers links to streaming sites so that it is convenient for the users to pick a particular alternative. In case there is a broken or crashed link then it is easy for the user to select any other link which is working fine. Also, the users can select the desired quality of the video depending on their Internet speed and stability. The user interface is really good and quite friendly as it is very easy to understand without any complexity.

12. Movie25 – Primewire Alternatives

Like Primewire, Movie25 has a huge collection of movies for the purpose of entertainment. The site charges absolutely nothing and it is totally free including any type of downloading or streaming of the video. Moreover, you do not need to make an account or register on the site with your existing social media account. The guest is welcomed to simply type in the title of the movie in the search box. Well, it is not limited to only movies, it also uploads TV shows on the regular basis. You can find the latest episodes of any TV show on Movie25. Also, you can download the movie in any quality you want to. We would highly recommend you to use the HD quality feature of the site.

13. Viooz

Viooz is an online hub for watching free movies and TV shows. As it is on Primewire, it has a very simple and easy to use interface which makes it easier for the users to find the movie they want to watch at that time. The rate of buffering is very low and the site is totally ad-free. So, the experience of watching a movie on Viooz is mostly good for everyone. However, in case you want to watch the movie later then you can download the movie in HD quality. All you require is the free space on the hard disk of your PC. It is a great source of entertainment and it comes for free that’s why we have included it in the list of sites like Primewire.

14. WoMovie

It is a great source for watching movies which have been released for some time. If you are fond of watching new and latest movies, then it may not be the one for you. It is updated on the frequent basis and makes different movies available for streaming for the users for free. The database is quite impressive as the movies are well sorted according to their release year and genre. You can search for the movie in either way and it will display the desired results. Even though it is amazing, it hasn’t got the popularity it deserves. The servers are mostly quick due to the less traffic on the links at a given time.

15. MovieZion – Sites like Primewire

The last name on our list of sites like Primewire is MovieZion. It has an enormous collection of movies with its database storing more than 40,000 full-length movies with the subtitles. The subtitles are available with the link so that it is convenient for the users while they are watching the movie online on MovieZion. Moreover, there is no need to register or create an account on the site to stream the movies. Just put in the name of the movie and you are ready to go. It has a special feature of displaying top 200 movies so that people know what are the movies they shouldn’t ever miss or skip. Also, a brief information regarding the movie is displayed along with their IMDb rating to give the viewer an idea about the movie.

Final Verdict on Sites like Primewire

Well, these are the sites like Primewire or Primewire alternatives that offer movie and tv shows streaming services for free. If you have any question or query regarding any of the sites mentioned in the post, feel free to ask in the comments section given below. We will be glad to help you out.

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