12 Best Games Like Corruption Of Champions

We have compiled a list of Best Games Like Corruption Of Champions for you to play!

Corruption of Champions is one of the most popular browser-based flash games and has some erotic elements in it. The game is set up in some ancient village where you need to fight demons and evil forces because of some rituals, in order to protect the village against these evil forces. The players go into an unknown dimension, the Cursed Demon Realm, through a portal where they fight the evil or have an option to join the evil forces as well and make their in-game character evil. 

corruption of champions

To start off, you have to create a character and there is an in-depth creation of a particular character as well, which demands a little attention because it affects your gameplay. As and when you level up, your traits and perks could be changed, but the initial characteristics are rigid and these do not change. 

There are 3 different kinds of characters that you will find in the game. These characters are as follows: 

  • Persistent Characters
  • Camp Recruits
  • Encounter Characters

However, Corruption of Champions is not the only game that you have in the market to explore. There are a lot of other games as well which are similar to Corruption of Champions and we will discuss some of the best games like Corruption of Champions in this article.

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List of Best Games Like Corruption of Champions

So, if you are looking for similar games, all you need to do is just scroll down and see which game you could explore. The games are:

#1 Kingdom of Loathing

One of the most popular games like Corruption of Champions is none other than Kingdom of Loathing, especially in terms of background and plot. The only thing missing from Kingdom of Loathing is the erotic elements that you, as a player, found in Corruption of Champions. However, even without the erotic elements, you can enjoy this game easily on your browser. It is an interactive text-based game which might as well remind you of Stickman game, which is another one of the most popular games we have. 

To start off with the game, you need to create an in-game character of yours in the game which you need to choose from the limited options that are available to you. After that, you have to select the gender of your character along with the six characters which you will find on the screen. The korins are: 

  • Thief
  • Turtle Tamer
  • Sauceror 
  • Seal Clubber
  • Accordion
  • The Pastamaker 

You will be able to start the game immediately after you enter your name. 

In this game, you will also get some comical elements and you will be able to easily control your player through the text-based instructions which will be available to you on your screen. In this game, you can loot, fight the monsters, and as you end the game, you could level up as well. Thus, it is undoubtedly one of the best games like Corruption of Champions. 

#2 Free Cities

Another game just like Corruption of Champions is Free Cities which has an unknown developer. The game is mostly based on the slavery aspect and also, just like in the Corruption of Champions, it has extreme sexual elements as well. In this game, there are basic slavery elements which you would find such as the buying, selling as well as training of the slaves in the game. When you start the game as a slave merchant, you have all the power over your slaves and you also get various sexual options with the slaves you own. However, the only drawback that Free Cities has is that it comes with a few bugs which might annoy you. Furthermore, you cannot customize your character either, which a lot of users find disappointing. However, the developers compensated these drawbacks with excellent graphics. 

#3 Flexible Survival 

Flexible Survival is another top tier game for you to consider especially if you are looking for a game like Corruption of Champions. It is one of the best alternatives available to corruption of champions. 

Flexible Survival is another text-based flash game whose gameplay revolves around a destruction scene caused by the outbreak of a deadly virus. In this game, the after-effects of the virus are showcased and just like in corruption of champions, in this game too you get recurring roleplay and combat situations as and when you start the game by customizing your character. One additional feature in this game, which makes it more interesting is that the user gets to choose the other world in this game. Here, you are the central character which means that you must keep yourself safe at all costs until some armed forces come to your rescue. Just like Corruption of Champions, there also are a lot of sexual elements in the game. 

#4 Fallen London 

Another action-packed game that you will find on the internet, just like Corruption of Champions is Fallen London which has excellent graphics and an impressive soundtrack which makes people love the game. 

In this game, it is up to you to choose all the basic statistics of your character which include shadowy, persuasive, dangerous, and watchful. These stats also increase as and when you make progress in the game. As and when you proceed deep into the game, you discover more and more about your character in detail. This thrilling and adventurous game is undoubtedly one of the best games like Corruption of Champions which is currently available to the users. 

#5 Trails Of Tainted Space

Trails of Tainted Space is another one of the most popular games like Corruption of Champions. It is developed by Fenexo and many users consider it the best text-game based after Corruption of Champions. Just the corruption of champions, the game also has a lot of sexual and erotic elements. You can easily customize your character and the best part is that the customizable options you get for your character are not there in any other game. 

When you enter the game, you can explore the map easily and from there on, your journey begins. From here, you can find the new characters and unlock them which will begin your adventure. The plot of the story of your main character revolves around his life and how he inherited a ship left by his father and now he seeks more wealth and power. Just like Corruption of Champions, you also have sexual encounters with other characters in the game. The game keeps a healthy balance between fantasy and the erotic elements which you find in the game. All these features is why this is one of the best alternatives currently available for Corruption of Champions. 

#6 Lilith’s Throne

Another text-based game which is exactly like Corruption of Champions. In Lilith’s Throne too, you get various erotic scenes and it is one of the best Text-based RPG games which we currently have. In this game, you can easily fight with demons, upgrade your magical powers and the armour, get magical powers, have sexual encounters with other characters, etc. The game offers excellent graphics to the users which make the users love this game and if you are a fan of erotic fantasy games, the. Lilith’s Throne will be an excellent add for you.  

#7 Torn

Torn is another one of the most popular games like Corruption of Champions that we have and currently, it has thousands of players playing the game. The game revolves around you and the choices that you make throughout your life. There is no limit to the number of possibilities that you could come out to be. You can have your own business or you can be a Mafia, your life choices will take you to limitless places. The only thing that you need to keep in mind before starting the game off is that you need to put in a lot of time and effort in this game. To get started, all you need to do is simply create a free account and then you can go on and play this game on multiple devices. 

#8 The Poor Whore

The Poor Whore is one of the perfect alternatives to Corruption of Champions which you need to download on your Windows device first. This is one of the few things that makes the game different from every other game on the list. Just like the other games, in this game also you can interact with other characters which you find while you are exploring the map. 

Another useful thing about The Poor Whore is that the game gives you an experience in the First Person Perspective which you do not find in a lot of other games. Furthermore, the graphics of the games or the additional features are not exactly something that attracts the users, but there are other things and features which makes the game more appealing to the users than most other games. All in all, it is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives which you must try for Corruption of Champions. 

#9 Fall Of Eden

Another erotic fantasy game like Corruption of Champions which the users can always try is none other than Fall Of Eden which is a game from the makers of Corruption of Champions itself. When you open the game, you will see that the main character is exploring an abandoned house and while exploring the house, he comes across a portal accidentally, a portal between the demon world and the earth. 

When you enter into the demon land, you will come across the demon queen who will try to seduce you but when you proceed further into the game, you will realise that you need to get to the goddess, Queen Aria to survive and finish the game. If you get lost in the Garden of Eden, then you can explore the location and find the portal so that you could go back to earth. 

The game offers the users massive options to explore and there is a lot of interactive stuff that you will find as well, as and when you proceed deep into the game. You can also customize your main character which you can change easily as you play the game. 

#10 Spider And Web

Another adventure thriller game which you will absolutely love is Spider and Web which was created back in 1998. In this game, the character has been kidnapped while he was in a spy business. As you proceed into the game, you get to know about the situation much better. The dialogue option which this game provides is normal, but overall the storyline is good with some plot twists. 

#11 Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures

Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures is another top-tier text-based RPG game which a user will enjoy. The graphics and the soundtrack of the game will make you enjoy the game more. One difference between this game and Corruption of Champions is that this game does not focus that much on the erotic elements and the main focus lies on the adventure. 

The game is based out in the NeoSushi City which you could explore more and more when you play the game. There is a lot of interactive stuff like capsule hotels, talking elevators, etc, which the user will love. 

#12 Carnal Souls

Lastly we have Carnal Souls, which is yet another popular alternative to Corruption of Champions. This game has a lot of text-based adventures as well as a lot of sexual elements and you also get to customise every bit of your character appearance. 

Furthermore, there is an option for you to choose your desired combat style of the character. 

In this game, you have an amazing storyline and as you proceed into the game, you level up. As and when you level up into the game, you have an option to seduce the demons which you encounter on your journey and then you can continue the game in that direction. 

The game has two modes on its official website; one you can complete the alpha version and another, you can download the demo version. This game is highly compatible with the browser too, so you can play there as well. Once you get the hang of it, you will know why it is one of the most popular alternatives to Corruption of Champions. 

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