Android and iOS Apps that show who views your Instagram

Instagram has become a rage in the last few years, from the general public to celebrities and business people all utilizing this fabulous images and videos sharing platform for their unique and diverse requirements. One of the most searched queries is “App that shows who views your Instagram“. Instagram lets you be relevant with changing times and provides a means to reach out to the masses with products and services that you have to offer. Your talent is no longer looking for an outlet nor you need to spend heavy bucks in promoting it. With Instagram getting integrated with Facebook, the power of this medium has increased manifold. 

With users from every possible group coming onto the Instagram bandwagon, one can expect to have a list of followers ranging from teens to middle-aged to everyone in-between. So with growing followers, you would surely like to track who visited your profile to learn about prospective buyers or maybe just be informed about what kind of traffic is flowing to your Instagram page. But Instagram does not have an in-built feature to let you see your profile visitors. This is done to protect users’ privacy. Though Instagram has all the data about every user who visits your website, it deliberately does not reveal it because that would lead to a heavy drop in user engagement on its platform which is bad for its business.

App that shows who views your Instagram

Third-party apps to know who checked your profile

There are a number of apps both on the App Store (for iPhone users) and Play Store (For Android users) that enable you to know who viewed your profile and who has been stalking your Instagram account (the erstwhile famously called Instagram stalkers). So let us dive into some of the best apps on Android as well as iOS which will reveal your Instagram stalkers and viewers and allow you to take necessary actions.

Apps for Android Users to Track Your Instagram Account Viewers

  • Follower Insight For Instagram – It is a free and easy-to-use app that allows you to keep track of your viewers. You can also know who followed, unfollowed, or blocked you with the use of this app. It sends out notifications to people who use this app whenever any of the above-mentioned activities (follow, unfollow, blocking) happens on your Instagram account. Users can easily navigate around with the clean user interface of this app. This app will let you know your media popularity rank and how popular is the media that tagged you. You could get to know your secret admirers and those who liked and commented the most on your posts through this app.
  • Follower Analyzer for Instagram – This is a full-fledged app that fulfills various needs apart from knowing who all have been visiting your page. It could tell you about followers who unfollowed you recently or those followers who have not liked your profile in some time. You could also generate reports about viewers of your profile using the simplified user interface of this app. This app is available on both iOS and Android operating systems. If you want to know those followers who never liked your posts or commented on them then you must use this app. It will also let you view those followers who always liked and commented on each of your posts or story. Few other features of this app include showing your top watched story, top liked posts, top commented posts, and people who are often tagged in your post. You could also use this app to analyze the statistics of any other Instagram account.
  • Followers Insight for Instagram, Tracker, Analyser app – If you want regular reports of people checking or stalking your Instagram site and also those who have shown interest in your posts and stories, then this is the app for you. It is a free app for monitoring Instagram activities on your profile which sends notifications to your smartphones about people who show interest in your profile. Few other features of this app include finding out your secret admirers, location analysis of your posts, who liked your posts the most, or who commented the most on your posts. 
  • Insights for Instagram, Ghosts, followers, Stories – This app has become one reliable app for Instagram users to find out many statistics about stalkers of your profile on social media. As the name suggests it can give you insights into the ghosts and followers who visit your stories, videos, etc. This tiny and non-intrusive app lets you easily manage your relationships by showing your relationships in different categories. You can find out mutual followers (those whom you follow and who follow you back), fans (those who follow you but you do not follow them), unrequited followers (those you follow but they do not follow you back), ghost followers (those who have not liked your posts in a long while), and profiles that unfollowed you in the recent past. 
  • FollowMeter for Instagram – This app can be called an Instagram manager that lets you manage your Instagram account by giving you details of who visited your profile and also who followed or unfollowed you. You could also discover the ghost followers of your page, who all liked your posts, and also who unfollowed you. It has a discover section using which you can gain more followers. You can check out who views your stories the most (amongst your followers as well as those who do not follow you), your top likers, ghost followers, posts that got the most engagements, and many different kinds of data. It has an activity meter that tracks your account’s engagements. There are more than 3 million users who trust this app for their Instagram needs. It has a free as well as a premium version in case you want more refined features of this app

Apps for iOS Users to track Your Instagram Account Viewers

  • Visitors Pro App – This app provides extremely accurate results about all the visitors and stalkers on your Instagram account. This app also lets you know who has shown interest in your posts and stories. All you need to do is download, install this app and connect it to your Instagram account and it will start showing all these statistics. With this app, you can find out how many of your followers have actually been checking your updates. This fantastic app can show up to 100 entries of people who have visited your profile. The app is easy to use so even a novice can find out how to get all these vital pieces of information from it. It can show you details of your profile’s viewing history up to 60 days back. It is a safe app that does not ask you to download anything and protects your privacy by not letting anyone know that you have been using this app.
  • Ig Analyzer: Follower Analysis App – You can easily collect reports about the visitors and stalkers of your Instagram follower once you install this app on your iOS device. It also gives you insight into who is interested in your stories and posts. You will also get notifications with this app about the followers who engage in your Instagram posts. All the options of running and using this app are super simple and newbies would simply love this app. You can have all your subscribers at your fingertips which lets you improve your relationships with your followers by showing you your most loyal and friendly followers, It has a feature of mutual tracking and you can get to know followers that you do not follow or people you follow who do not follow you back. To top it,  you can also know when someone deleted their likes or comments from your posts.
  • SocialView for Instagram App – It is a free app with a user-friendly interface that allows you to track those who are stalking or viewing your profile. You could get a list of viewers who liked your posts the most which are based on likes, comments, messaging, and few other parameters. This app calculates and gives you data about each user who has interacted in some way with your profile recently. 
  • SocialPlus App – It is an accurate app for iOS to gather information about who viewed or stalked your Instagram profile. With this app, you can gauge which of your followers have visited your stories and posts. You could also know people who followed, unfollowed or blocked you through the app’s alert mechanism. You can also get to know which of your followers unfollowed you and never followed back. Another bonus with this app is that it acts as a social networking browser by combing FB, Twitter, and Google+ into one app. You can manage all your social media apps by installing this single app.

Rounding it up: App that shows who views your Instagram

Knowing who viewed your profile, who is stalking you, and also many other activities of your followers is an essential step towards enhancing your online presence via Instagram. Sometimes people follow you and then unfollow you once they get your following. You would like to get notified about such activity to take the needed actions. There are times when you would want to clean your profile by removing or blocking some of your followers. All this can be achieved by using any of the apps listed in this article.

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