Customize your Android with the Best Xposed Modules [2023]

If you are looking to install some unique apps on your android device, the Xposed Modules framework is what you are looking for. It not only helps to customize the android device according to the user choice but merely enables them to do it in numerous ways, which is indeed an incredible thing.

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The top Xposed Modules for your Android Device

The android market is loaded with loads of Xposed modules, but here we shall discuss the top 15 Xposed modules that have proved to be the best among all. Here are a few of them:

  1. YouTube AdWay: This is the best module for those who love to watch videos on Youtube but get frustrated with the ads that tend to spoil the entire mood. As the name suggests, this module helps remove the advertisement from the official youtube channel and YouTube TV, gaming, and the kid’s app. There are few other additional features of the modules. They are
  • It helps the users to disable the video suggestions.
  • It also allows android users to disable information card teasers.

The module makes sure that the user experience while using YouTube is as smooth as it can get.

  1. Snapprefs: This module allows the user to autosave the pictures on Snapchat and its videos. There are various other features too that the module cares about. These are:
  • It has a paint tool that allows the user to modify or edit the snap chat messages before sending them.
  • Other tools include the blurring tool, location, and whether spoofing.
  • It also helps to disable the Discover option so that the user can save the mobile data’s unnecessary spillage.
  • It also has the ability to secret screenshots without letting the recipient know.
  1. Gravity Box:

This module is often referred to as an arsenal for the android, which is loaded with tweaks. The tweaks included in the module have a lock screen, status, power, display, and many other tweaks. These tweaks enable the users to carry various tasks like Adjusting the style of the battery indicator, enable the recorder on the screen, enable a non-intrusive call feature on the phone, which lets the call go in the background instead of interrupting with the activity going on the android device. These tweaks also enable the user to use the volume keys to skip the tracks while the music is being played on the locked android device.

All that needs to be done to make use of such beautiful features is downloading the Android device’s correct version.

  1.  CrappaLinks: There are times when the user tries to open a link, and the link, instead of opening in the apps like Google Play or YouTube, gets redirected to another browser window within the app. This module is a fixer for such issues on the device. With the help of this module, the user can open such links directly into the desired apps.
  2. XBlastTools:  This module is an all-in-one module capable of letting users customize loads of things on the android device. The module enables customization in various sections like the Status bar, multi-tasking, driving mode, gradient settings, and much more. 

Let us take an example to understand it better. In the visual tweaks section, the users can select the custom background color, the color of the keys, and the text’s color in the keyboard section. It also helps to disable the fullscreen keyboard.

  1. XPrivacyLua: Some apps have the capability to access the information. This fantastic module prevents such apps from accessing data. It makes this task easy. All that needs to be done is tapping on the app that the user needs to restrict to access information, and the user is good to go.

We can take an example to understand it better. The user can go to the location category, and then they can apply a check next to the apps like Facebook or the internet browser to ensure that these apps cannot access the user’s location. The same thing can also be done for blocking the email, sensors, media, messages, and many more features.

  1. Fake my GPS: The name tends to give a brief outlook of what the module does. Let us now understand the module a little more. The module sends a fake location to the apps that request permission for the device’s location or the user. The module enables thethe user not to apply the custom location.

The user can set the location of their choice on the module, and whenever any apps would ask for the site, the fake location that has been selected by the user will get reflected in those apps. 

  1.  Advanced Power Menu (APM+): The user can customize the Android power menu. Changes can be reflected when the user accesses the menu, which lets the user reboot or switch off the device.

The use can reorder, add and even remove the items. The users can adjust the visibility, remove or enable the confirmation prompts. There are some other power menu functions that users can do. Ability to take the screenshot, switch on or off the wi fi, bring up the flashlight, and even preset the phone number.

  1. Deep Sleep Battery Saver: This module gives the fine control of the sleeping apps when they should be woken up to check the notifications.

Here are few examples:

  • The aggressive option helps put the app into a deep sleep when the phone is locked and lets the apps open up every 2 hours to check the notifications.
  • The gentle option wakes up the app every 30 minutes.
  • Slumberer enables the app to keep it in sleep mode forever.
  • The users can also make their instructions for different apps. 
  1. Boot Manager: Some apps launch themselves as soon as the device starts. This module is one such blessing for those android users who would like to stop such activities on their devices. Eliminating such actions on the phone enables the users to improve the battery life and the start up time.

This module is easy to use in the module. The users have to select the apps that the user wants not to be started and exit from the BootManager app.

  1. XuiMod: If a user is looking to change the way different phones look, this is the module for them. There are various modifications that a user can make. For animation, the user can do modding, the lock screen and scrolling can also be modified using the module.
  2. Zoom for Instagram: Instagram, which is one of the most popular social media apps. But there is one such flaw that the users often have a complaint about. The app cannot zoom the photos on Instagram. But once the user installs this module on the device, he can get the zoom button next to the pictures or the videos. It also enables the user to rotate, save, share and open the images or the videos on the device.

The module also provides a unique feature to the users for the first seven days of installing the module, which lets the user zoom directly from the image without opening it first in the full-screen option.

  1. Instagram downloader: This module is a little similar to the zoom app for Instagram. It also enables the user to save, download the pictures and images on the device. The only difference lies in the feature that this does not let the user zoom the pictures.
  2. MinMin Guard: Have you been frustrated with the unnecessary advertisements displayed on the websites. What makes this module stand apart from the rest of the apps is the feature that it does not leave the blank space on the website where the ads would have been displayed; otherwise, this module removes not just the ad but also play. The user can block the advertisement even for the specific app, or even the automatic add blocking can be done for some particular apps.

MinMin guard also lets the user see the number of ads that the module has blocked.

  1. Never Sleep: The name suggests it all, though, but giving a brief description of the module will make the picture even clear. This module enables the user to set the never sleep option for individual apps instead of putting it for the entire device.

Let’s say the user sets the never sleep option for the YouTube app. When the user uses the YouTube app, the phone will never get locked. This tends to give a convenient viewing experience to the users.

Conclusion: Best Xposed Modules for Android

The Xposed module framework has become famous in a brief period because of the incredible and impressive features it provides to the users. The modules can change the behavior of the device’s features and the way they look. The best part is the fact that these modules perform all these tasks without touching any APK’s. With the massive range of customization options, the users experience the most convenient and easy-to-use ways to change the Android device’s looks and features.

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