Best Apps to Hide Apps you must try

We have listed the Best App to Hide Apps on your Android and iOS devices with their features! Pick your choice.

The digital world is full of scandals, and that is why people are getting concerned about security a lot these days. Your phone is kind of your world when it comes to storing data like photos, videos, and other important files, which you do not want anyone unscrupulous to lay hands on. At times you might even want to protect some of your photos from your mother, or you have apps that are not child-friendly.

There are times we need to hand over our device to someone like our parents to watch some specific photos and videos from our vacation. It is not uncommon for the person to randomly scroll and get to pictures or documents that we do not intend to show. In such a case, rather than getting nervous about it, you can take precautionary measures such as hiding those apps or files.

We have found the solution to this problem of yours and jotted down a list of apps you can use for hiding other apps. Whether you have an iOS device or an Android one, you will be able to find an app that is useful for your device.

best app to hide apps

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List of Apps Used For Hiding Other Apps

If you want to feel safe while handing over your phone to another person, then hiding your apps and files is the only solution. Hiding apps is also essential to protect your privacy and sensitive information. 

1. Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe 

That feeling of anxiety when someone grabs your phone is quite familiar. In order to avoid being impolite and refusing to hand over your phone and also keep your photos and videos safe, you could download the Keepsafe app. This app has more than 70 million downloads, and so many users already trust this app to keep their data safe. If you don’t want to lock your phone with a fingerprint or a code, then this app will suit your needs. Some of its major features are:

    • Keepsafe would help accidental deletion or damage of your valuable memories. 
    • The app comes with an interface that is quite easy to use. 
    • There is also a feature of safe send where you can share your pictures for a limited time.

2. Vault 

For Android users, “Vault” is certainly the best hiding app. There are many excellent features available in this app that will protect your photos, such as you can lock an app, browser’s confidentiality, saved pages, cloud services, and a lot more. Apart from protecting your photos and videos from unwarranted access, this app acts as another layer of protection by saving your data in cloud space. It is a free app to protect your call logs, photos, and other apps so that your privacy is not leaked. Some of it salient features are:

    • It hides and protects videos and photos.
    • It backs up your SMS, Calls, photos, and videos to cloud space.
    • It has an app lock to keep your sensitive information from leaking.
    • You can block access to social media so that no intruder can read your messages on FB or Insta.
    • It does not leave traces of your browsing history and helps you stay anonymous.
    • You can tie your personal email with this app and send your passwords there if you are concerned about forgetting passwords.

3. App Hider

If you are someone working in a big corporation, then you know that dealing with confidential files is a part of your job. Hence, you need to make sure your data remains confidential by downloading this fabulous app hider. App hider will help you hide all your messengers on various social media platforms. It also allows you to access more than one account from the same device. To protect your data, you would need to import an app within the app hider (do not worry as it is not cumbersome since the app was adopted to FB messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and many other such apps). Let us see its winning features:

    • You can view and even play hidden videos and photos directly from the app.
    • The app is optimized for social media apps.
    • You can access multiple social media accounts on the same device with this app.
    • You can import that app (which you wish to hide) within the app hider.
    • It can turn itself into a calculator vault so that your privacy is protected.
    • You would need to put a number to access this app (your passcode for the app), and only then can you access all the hidden apps. 
    • If you do not wish to miss out on anything important coming from your hidden apps, then you can set notifications within the app finder app.

4. Hide App

We keep downloading many apps, and at times, we might feel that the screen of our devices has become too crowded. The “Hide App” would easily resolve this issue of yours and do much more. Hide app can help you arrange your apps in the manner you like and also keep certain apps away from prying eyes. You can see the list of all the apps on your device inside the Hide App interface. Then you can select the apps you would like to hide. The Hide app works with a PIN so that your app protection procedure is secure. There are also auto-update and restore features to prevent unwanted loss of data. Its major feature at a glance can be seen below:

    • It has advanced phone features to free up storage space in your device. Some of these are phone boost, cache clean, app notification clean, etc.
    • It is an easy-to-use app where you just need to mark the apps you want to hide.
    • The app is protected via a PIN.
    • This app will automatically backup your data and also has a restore feature.
    • It does not need root access.

5. Pic Safe

If you do not want to keep telling others not to view your private data, then get the Pic Safe app to protect all your private and valuable data. Millions of people all around the world are using the Pic safe app, and it is especially popular in countries like the USA, Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan, Italy, Finland, South Africa, Malaysia, Mexico, the UK, and many more. With this app, you can set either a PIN or a password for safeguarding your personal stuff. It also allows more comfortable options like fingerprint and dart code. Take a look at why this app has made its way to our list:

    • When someone tries to break into your photo gallery, the app will take that person’s picture and also send you his or her GPS location.
    • You can create albums right inside the app.
    • You could import and export photos to and from the app.
    • The app can be synchronized with iTunes.
    • It comes with an intuitive interface.
    • There is a private browser inside the app, using which you can surf the internet without bothering about anyone stealing your data.

6. Vaulty

With this App, you can easily remove videos and pictures from your photo gallery and securely hide them in this vault. For protecting your files, the app allows a PIN or text password system. You could also create new albums using this app and then sort them based on various attributes. Even if you lose or break your phone, the app has the feature of automatically backing up your data and saving your hidden files. To use the app: open the app and press the lock icon present at the top -> select the album you want to hide -> tap on the thumbnails -> tap on the lock icon, and your files are hidden now. Let’s see how this app is one of the best amongst apps to hide apps:

    • If someone stealthily tries to log into your photo gallery, the app will take that person’s photo.
    • You can play any video format (which your device can handle) with Vaulty. 
    • If there is a video format that is not supported by your device, then Vaulty will securely use third-party apps to play the videos.
    • There is a free and automatic online backup feature in this app.
    • You can protect this app with a PIN or password.
    • You can have different vaults for different people.

7. Clock – The Vault

“Clock – The Vault” is another fantastic app that can hide your personal videos and photos and leave you worry-free. The best feature of this app is that it takes a snapshot of the intruder who tried to access your photos secretly. You could also protect your social media messengers with this app. The app works with messenger, browser, gallery, emails, contacts, and any other apps you want to hide. Take a look at how this app does more than just hiding other apps:

    • You could even hide recent tasks, Bluetooth, and WiFi with this App.
    • You can save the snap of the snooper from inside the gallery vault.
    • One cannot find the app in the recent apps list.
    • It is easy to manage your files with this app.
    • You can set a backup pattern lock for your app lock.
    • You can directly hide files from the gallery with the App’s Share option.

Conclusion: Best Apps to Hide Apps for Android and iOS

There are many reasons for keeping your private files away from others. All of us have come across situations where we wished we could hide some of our photos or data when we hand over our phones. With the list of app hiders mentioned in this article, you can leave your phone in anyone’s hand without fussing about leakage of your personal data.

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