Best BlueStacks Alternative to Run Android Apps on PC

BlueStacks is one of the best application for running Android or Android Apps on PC. But for some reason it does not work for all the users, that’s why here are the best BlueStacks Alternative. This list of best BlueStacks Alternatives is curated by us after testing and listing out their pros & cons.

BlueStacks emulator is probably the best android emulator present in the market. It is a top priority for PC users who want to access Android apps and games on their device. It is widely used by a large number of people In the world. It has its own app store which is different from the in-built app store and it allows the users to download all the apps with ease. The best part about this emulator is that it is compatible with every android version that has been released till this date. It brings the whole Android smartphone to your PC or laptop thus reducing the load for you to access your phone continuously. You can use it for gaming purposes as it will be better to play games with a larger screen and better specifications on your system. There are many BlueStacks Alternatives which provide the same functionality.

However, sometimes some people face issues while using this emulator and constantly search for other alternatives. Your search is over as today we are going to list down some of the best alternatives for BlueStacks emulator which will serve you as good as BlueStacks and let you experience an Android smartphone on your system without spending any penny. So lets get started with our list of best BlueStacks Alternatives.

Best BlueStacks Alternative

Here is the list of best BlueStacks alternatives which can run Android apps on PC and some of them work on Mac too. We’ve listed them in best to worst order with their main features so that you can figure out which suits you best.

Remix OS Player

remix os BlueStacks Alternative

Remix OS can be considered a very good BlueStacks Alternative. Along with installing this emulator on your Windows or Mac device, you can also enjoy this emulator without facing any troubles of actually installing it on your device. The remix OS player is based on the Android version 6.0 (Marshmallow) and it is absolutely free of cost for the users. However, you are required to make a certain change on your device which is enabling ‘Virtualization Technology’ in your BIOS.

When you have downloaded this BlueStacks Alternative, you will see a shortcut button which lets you access all the apps that you have downloaded or installed on the emulator and it also provides you with the suggestions of all the trending apps and games according to your interests and preferences. The best feature of this emulator is that the Google Play Store is pre-installed so there is no need to download it separately.


  • Multi-tasking
  • Taskbar
  • Start menu
  • System tray
  • Keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+S, Ctrl+C etc
  • Right click mouse features
  • Install apps from Play Store

Nox Player

nox player BlueStacks Alternatives

Another one in the list of BlueStacks Alternatives and arguably the most popular one after BlueStacks, Nox player is of high quality and it is based on Android version 4.4 (KitKat). Nox player is popular because of its extensive features which are abundant in quantity. Initially, you will find its user interface a slightly overwhelming. However, with the passing of time, you will get used it and start loving it. If you face any troubles or difficulty incompatibility, you can choose any one of DirectX or OpenGL mode of rendering.

Nox Player comes with the Google Play Store pre-installed which makes running all the android apps and games easy for the users. It also supports the feature of downloading apps via APK files. All you got to do is just drag the APK file and drop it on the home page of the emulator. Its simulate touch can help you make your experience even better while playing games. You can also record the best moments and store them to watch them in future. With the help of the multi-player feature, you can run multiple apps at once in the emulator. Its only setback is that it runs only the older android versions.

All these features make Nox Player a perfect alternative of BlueStacks which is why it is a first choice of many users worldwide.


  • Very quick and the emulator never freezes
  • You can see the highest performance with this emulator
  • The response time is quick and the emulator is very stable
  • Sharing feature is available in the emulator
  • Just like other BlueStacks Alternative, it has Google Play Store and browser pre-installed.
  • Apps like camera, file manager and Facebook are also pre-installed
  • Witness the best gaming experience by using Nox emulator

KO Player

BlueStacks Alternative

KO Player has been there in the market for a substantial amount of time. It maybe is old but there’s no denying that it is a perfect solution for new users who are trying to emulate Android apps and games on their computers. Like many other emulators and BlueStacks Alternatives, the main or primary purpose of developing KO Player was to emphasize the gaming experience of users on their computers for a better experience. The users tend to enjoy gaming more and they experience hardcore gaming because of the presence of a larger screen to play on and smoothness in their functioning. KO Player has a special tool called Multi-Manager Tool. It helps the users to access two different apps at the same time which can prove to be quite helpful for them.


  • It supports Intel and AMD CPU
  • Has the drag to install feature
  • Adaptive resolution
  • Supports gamepad flawlessly
  • Experience perfect simulate operating with keyboard and mouse
  • Supports all the games and apps available on the play store


BlueStacks Alternatives

MeMu is comparatively very young if you compare it to the KO Player and other BlueStacks Alternatives. It was launched not long ago in 2015. Since then, it has been working hard to make a name for itself in this ever-so competitive market. For this, the developers have been working super hard and they are introducing many new features to improvise their emulator. Like every other BlueStacks Alternative, the main focus of MeMu is to emphasize on the improving the gaming experience of its users. It has given much time in improving its performance in terms of speed to compete with other emulators which have been in the market longer than MeMu. This emulator supports both Nvidia and AMD chips which is a very rare feature for any android emulator as you will not find it in any other emulator. In addition to this, this emulator lets you let your virtual location with the help of Google Maps.

Features in its latest update are:

  • It now lets you use the powerful Macro function in fresh-new keymapping panel.
  • Just like other BlueStacks Alternatives you can drag and drop any file into the emulator, which will help you copy that file on your android from your windows device.
  • The system info has been updated and now provides more info than before like the android version, installation path, device model, etc.
  • You will get a list of top trending apps and games in the MeMu world if you drag down the floating icon which located on the upper-right corner on the homepage. It is regularly updated as the trending apps and games change in the MeMu world. Moreover, you can directly download some of the popular apps or games directly from MeMu’s server, which is restricted by geo or the compatibility issue.


Genymotion BlueStacks Alternative

This is another good alternative for BlueStacks. Most of the emulators that have been mentioned above focus primarily on improving the gaming experience of its users. However, Genymotion is different from them. Its developers have been working I the field on android apps. By using Genymotion, the users can test their Android apps on virtual devices with the latest versions. This BlueStacks Alternative focuses on targeting a wide audience as it is compatible with the Android Studio and Android SDK. It is not only limited to Windows OS but you can run it on Linux or Mac OS as well. As it developed keeping in mind these web developers, it has various features that prove to be helpful to these developers.


  • Battery- If you need to check how your app reacts to various charge levels, you can check it easily.
  • GPS- If you have developed a location-based app and want to test it, you can use the GPS widget available in the emulator to test your app.
  • Camera & Capture- If you have a webcam in your laptop or connected with your computer, you can put it to a good use. You can use it as a video source or record screencasts of your virtual device.
  • Network & WiFi- You can test Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, Edge and Subway interruptions using this emulator.
  • Disk IO throttling- You can emulate devices with slow internal storage.
  • SMS & Call- You can set up SMS or call interruptions and check if your app reacts to the interruptions correctly.

Final Verdict on BlueStacks Alternatives

These aforementioned emulators are some of the best BlueStacks Alternatives. This list of BlueStacks Alternative was curated by our team after using and experiencing different emulators. These are the best solutions if you are looking for something beyond BlueStacks emulator. These emulators have proven their worth and have been top choices of many users worldwide due to their incredible performance. The best feature is that all of them are free and charge nothing from the users. And in return, they offer you the experience of an Android device on your computer or laptop. You can use it to run apps or experience some hardcore gaming given the screen resolutions of a laptop or computer as compared to a smartphone. You will not be disappointed by any of these emulators as they have proved out to be extremely efficient.

Hope our list of BlueStacks Alternatives helped you figure out which one you should download. Please share any queries or suggestions in the comments below.

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