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Fortcraft PC is the Windows version of Fortcraft game which is made for Android. Fortcraft PC runs on Windows smoothly and can be downloaded for free. Fortcraft is a game which very similar gameplay to Fortnite and that’s why it’s getting all this hype. The company never released an official version of Fortcraft for PC but our experts found the solution for running Fortcraft PC easily.

Since Fortnite has not been released for iOS and Android users, NetEase recently released a game called FortCraft, which is a clone app of Fortnite. NetEase released Fortcraft Survival Game for mobile phone users so that they can get the same experience as Fortnite and enjoy the game on their Android devices or iOS devices. Fortcraft PC is not the only survival game released by NetEase. Last year, they released the Rules of a Survival game that tasted success all over the world in no time at all. For this reason, NetEase released another survival game for mobile phones, Fortcraft. You can easily find this game on your Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on the device you own. Now, one major issue with Fortcraft is that you cannot download the game on your PC directly. However, you have nothing to worry about because, in this article, we will tell you how you can easily download Fortcraft PC and play it on Windows.

FortCraft PC Game Introduction

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Before proceeding to download the FortCraft for PC, let us first talk about what exactly the game is about.

FortCraft is a survival game where the main aim of the person playing is to survive longer than anyone else. As a player, you are given free choice to craft and build various structures. However, in order to do so, you have to hunt for resources and gain various materials by destroying the items in the world. Not only that, but you also have an option to pre-build your construct. Fortcraft is a multiplayer game which is published by NetEase.

The map in the game is huge which contains various weapons that will help you to survive by fighting off your enemies and killing them. All in all, Fortcraft PC is a great experience which one should have if they love survival games. Mainly, this game is for Android and iOS users, however, PC users can get a hang of this game as well. Below, we have talked about how to download Fortcraft for PC.

Best Features of FortCraft PC

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FortCraft for PC is a top-class game and the features of the game are a major reason why the game has earned success all over the world in lesser time. Some of the best features of the game, which tempt the users to install the game, are as follows:

  • There is a massive 16 million m² map in Fortcraft PC along with 13 brand fresh environment.
  • The game allows you to get a hold of a hammer and smash buildings, trees, vehicles and every other thing that comes your way so that you are able to collect materials and build and craft buildings so that you survive.
  • You can build various structures as and when you please, so you get a chance to show your creativity.
  • Build a ladder to climb, build a bridge for yourself when you cross a water body. Build a tower to reach as high as you want. You can also create a solid fortress at the back end of the game to ensure your victory.
  • You can destroy all your enemies with explosive guns. In Fortcraft PC, there are 12 weapons, all unique and are divided into 5 classes namely pistol, submachine gun, shotgun, sniper rifle, and automatic rifle.
  • There are three modes available in the game and you can choose whichever one you like the most. Each mode supports your customizable interface. You can also create the most effective controls for yourself such as changing the UI’s size, a position as well as transparency.
  • Not only that, but other things available in Fortcraft PC include friends, Streams, ranked seasons, Store, looms, gallery, chat functions, armory, and a lot of other things.

Download FortCraft PC Latest Version

Since you cannot download Fortcraft for PC directly, you will have to look for indirect ways to download the game on your PC. If you do not know the other ways to download the game on your PC, you do not need to worry about it because we will give you a step-by-step demonstration on how to download the FortCraft PC without any trouble. All you need to do is to follow the steps which we have mentioned below and you will be able to enjoy the game on your PC. The steps to follow are:

  • The first step which you need to follow is to download BlueStacks on your computer. Click here to download BlueStacks. When you click here, your Bluestacks download will automatically begin.

The term BlueStacks is not alien to people because of the name it has earned over the years. For those who haven’t heard this name before, BlueStacks is an emulator with the help of which you can download all the Android applications on your PC and play all the Android games on your PC.

  • Once Bluestacks is downloaded on your PC or Mac, you will have to install it.
  • Once you have installed Bluestacks on your PC or Mac, you need to open the Google Play Store in BlueStacks. You can do it by searching for the Google Play Store.
  • After you have opened the Google Play Store, you need to search for “Fortcraft” on the Google Play Store. Do not search for Fortcraft PC as the original name is only Fortcraft.
  • Once done, click on the FortCraft and make sure that your download has begun. Clicking on Fortcraft will start your download.
  • Once downloaded, all you will have to do is to install the game on your computer. To do so, click on the FortCraft game file which has been downloaded.
  • After that, you will see an option to install the game. Click on it.
  • With this, your installation process will begin and once that is done, you will be free to play Fortcraft PC without any troubles on your Windows system.

Final Thoughts on FortCraft for PC

All in all, Fortcraft is a great multiplayer game that gives a lot of uniqueness to its players. Downloading Fortcraft PC is easy as we have told above and if you are into survival games, you must definitely check this game out. You will not face any problems while downloading the game on your PC. It is not as good as the original Fortnite and hence not that popular but still, Fortcraft for PC is a solid game with decent graphics and nice gameplay. Let’s go and get that Victory Royale.

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