Learn How to Make Money on Steam

Here are some proven ways to make money on steam. These days the internet is a platform that offers a lot of fortune earning opportunities.  Blogging, posting advertisements, reading articles, content writing, playing games are some of these opportunities.

What is Steam

Digital distribution software for the video game that is created by Valve corporation is Steam.  This software was initially created for updating games on Steam. Eventually Steam has started accepting games from other developers also on its software. Thus Steam has great potential for earning money for game players, game coders, game developers, game designers, etc.

make money on steam

The working of steam

When you play games on Steam, the inventory on your Steam account gets updated with trading cards. Trading cards are digital pictures. And you have to collect a total set of these trading cards to encash them as individual trading cards do not have any purpose. A complete set of trading cards make up a badge.

Playing games can make you avail of only some trading cards. So you have to seek other means to get these cards. One can also purchase these trading cards from others and complete the set to create a badge. Purchasing and selling can be done through a market for real money. This is how you make money on Steam.

How to Make Money from Steam [Proven Ways]

If you play video games, then you can earn from Steam even though you do not have to do anything extra. Steam is a magical internet platform where you can earn just by playing games.

The two major opportunities that entail on how to make money on Steam are by trading items on the market on Steam and by developing your own game and promoting and selling it through Steam directly.

We will briefly discuss the various ways and tactics on how to make money on Steam:

1. Free Steam codes on applications

In this era of internet and digitization, several websites and applications pay you to perform certain tasks. These earnings are in the form of points. These points can then be encashed or redeemed as free Steam Wallet Codes.

Some of the applications that give Steam cash for free are as follows:

2. Amazon Gift cards

There are a lot of apps that give free amazon gift cards. With these amazon gift cards, you can then buy steam trading cards. Some of the apps that give amazon gift cards are:


On this app, you get amazon credit for signing in and also regularly by taking surveys.

Survey Junkie

By performing surveys you earn amazon points which can be redeemed for cash.

Inbox Dollars

You get free amazon points for signing in.


You get free amazon points for signing in.

Opinion Outpost

You get free amazon points for signing in.


This is a cashback app. Here you get the credit for amazon gift cards. This can be done by just scanning the receipt when you make the purchase. All these apps can be regularly used for earning amazon credits and eventually the total amazon credit can be used to purchase the steam trading card.


This is an online survey website. You get paid to complete the free surveys on their website. Once the surveys are completed you get point credit. After a specific number of point credit is collected they can be redeemed for Walmart gift cards, amazon gift cards, or Steam wallet codes.

These Steam wallet codes can then be used to purchase several items in the Steam market.

Rakuten Rewards

Rakuten is one more cashback app. Whenever you do online shopping on websites like Walmart, amazon, eBay, or any other eCommerce website, you get cash or gift cards that can be used to purchase the Steam card through these eCommerce websites.


Grab points is an application that pays you for different activities like performing surveys, downloading and testing apps, or watching Tv, etc. These points can be converted into Steam cards or withdraw cash.


When you complete some specific online tasks like watching videos, or live streams, building opinions or some other activities on your smartphone or laptop, then you earn coins. These coins can be converted to buy games, skins, or codes or Steam cards.


Hulk coins are received when you perform activities like watching videos, playing games, etc. These Hulk coins can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards, Walmart cards or Steam wallet cards.

3. Steam Market

Items like trading cards, in-game items, etc earned while playing games can be traded in the Steam market. The money earned out of this gets credited to your Steam wallet.

Whenever you play games you earn trading cards depending on the time spent while playing the games. Also, some games offer valuable in-game items. These items can again be traded on the Steam market. These items can be kept in the inventory and sold in the Steam market.

The money earned gets credited to the Steam wallet which can be further used to purchase other games and items from the Steam market.

4. Games on Steam direct

Distribute the games on Steam direct to earn actual money. Revenue is generated from the sales of games as well as when the in-game items are purchased by users.

You have to develop an original game and then get it added to Steam by paying some initial deposit amount. This deposit amount is refunded back by steam only when you cross a threshold limit. You earn revenue and profit whenever your game is used by users. This money can be withdrawn to the bank accounts directly.

Steam Direct has set some guidelines and rules to be followed for the distribution of games on it. The rules for satisfactory content have been stricter lately

The more the sale of copies of your game, the more is your profit. Steam Direct deducts some percent of the amount as commission out of the sale of the game copy.

To sell your game in quantity add quality features to your game such as fun and interesting games, positive reviews, quality screenshots, attractive game trailers. Some peculiar features of Steam such as trading cards, achievements, etc can be integrated with your game. Also, make an interactive session for your users on the Steam community regarding your game

4. Designing and coding of games

If you are a freelancer or a designer, developer, or coder, participate in the discussions on Steam Forums. Normally Game developers pick the coders from such forums. So you can indirectly earn from developing a game that is hosted on Steam Direct.

Sometimes staunch gamers also pay for creating unique and attractive profiles for them.

Legit guidelines for making money on Steam

Following are the five legit ways on how to make money from Steam:

  • Get Items

Initially, you have to collect as many items as possible and trade cards as possible. These items can be found while playing games. We have also discussed above how we collect items and Steam trading cards. Sometimes you also become lucky finding rare and unique items

Then next you have to keep a constant watch on the marketplace for a price drop of some items. Speculation tactics help here.

Some quick cash can also be earned by trading the items meticulously and systematically.

There are some who sometimes pay a premium amount for buying the required item.

The inventory details can be checked through clicking on the username displayed next to the community.

  • Sell at a higher price

Foil cards always have greater value than the regular ones. So they hold an expensive price for them. Also, it is essential that you study the market properly and sell the items at the maximum price they can fetch. This can be achieved only when you sell the items at the correct timing.

The correct timing for regular items  comes in the following two situations:

  • The trading card system is launched just now and you have those first cards in your inventory
  • Items or cards that have been become antique or are no more available in the game

In such cases, the cards and items fetch more value. Some buyers also purchase cards at a premium since they speculate the prices to go higher in the future. You can earn out of this opportunity.

  • Save trading cards

There are a lot of games that offer the Steam trading cards when you play those games. The first card is usually given when you play for fifteen minutes, while the next card follows after two hours of playing. If the luck goes together you get the really rare cards which have a high worth. 

There is no such pattern as to how you get the really valuable and worth cards. But yes with the time you master the strategy. Obsession about the cards does not help so much in earning the card but passion about the game does. 

Steam Idle master assists in automating the process of obtaining the trading cards efficiently.

  • Hold Pre-release items

The exclusive pre-order launch is often released by developers in their promotional games. The same applies to early access items or crates. When the game is launched to full release such item price touches the sky. You can earn fabulously if you hold such items until the market responds to its peak.

So it is recommended that if you observe such items that can be sold on the Steam market then hold them in your inventory till they give you maximum returns.

  • Look for Item drops

Some games drop items along with exchanging cards. In the browse by section of the Steam program on the Steam market, you can watch which games drop by such items. One can find numerous items for purchase in this area. This is one good opportunity to avail.

Correct line for purchasing on Steam 

Using the community market instead of The Steam program is far more beneficial and quicker to purchase items. Steam market Helper is one good script that mechanizes the procedure of buying as:

  • The least expensive item is opened naturally
  • The readability of cost is improvised for the benefit
  • The understanding is such that it aims that you spend a penny for the most value and worth.

The community market has a strong apprehension of costs even before you get it.

It is recommended never to buy and open crates with the hard-earned Steam money though the attraction for rare items may be high, it can be controlled. It is preferable to save money for buying cosmetic items or even a new game in the future.

Other ways

There are some other ways also to make money on steam such as:

  1. Independent developers take services from gifted coders and developers and talented graphic artists
  2. Game developers working for steam also employ a specialist for completing some specific work task
  3. Some bad to the bone gamers hunt for fine arts and unique craftsmanship for in-game content and profiles
  4. Also the hardcore gamers obtain services of designers for the designing of game content and Steam profile

Conclusion: Making Money from Steam

You have to be very patient to earn money on Steam. Not that you become a millionaire in a day. It takes time to build a hefty Steam wallet. But once you understand the strategy and learn the tactics then the Steam Wallet balance keeps on increasing

One thing that is to be noted that it requires a lot of hard work to make money on Steam. Plus this money that you earn through various ways discussed gets credited to your Steam Wallet and not your bank account. You can utilize this amount for purchasing games and other items available in the Steam market. 

However, You can make a real good fortune through developing a fun-filled entertaining game and selling the same on the Steam market and promoting it on the Steam community. Developing and designing a professional and entertaining game can earn Real cash through Steam. The efforts, luck, and expertise can bring you a handsome earning.

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