How to Watch PPV (Pay Per View) on Firestick in 2023

Learn how to Watch PPV on Firestick using the given working methods below!

What is PPV (Pay-Per-View)?

PPV or pay per view was a monetization model introduced around 40 years back in the pay television services world. Even now, when many users migrate to online streaming devices (that are subscription-based), cable providers and satellites have still found a way to offer PPV events in their streaming catalogs.

If you want to watch exclusive and premium sports content then PPV is a great distribution service that is primarily focused on broadcasting sports-related content that includes MMA and boxing fights. PPV offers mostly include exclusive promotional fights between various celebrities and combat sports events. 

To understand how PPV works in a simple language you can consider the analogy of buying tickets to view live matches in an arena. You can buy for specific PPV events in a similar fashion to stream the event exclusively on your TV.  These PPV events create an additional source of revenue for the broadcaster as they attract a lot of audiences.

Some of the most popular PPV events are NBA, Wrestlemania, NFL, Superbowl, etc. You can access any PPV event only when they are running live. You cannot access the content once the show timing is over.

Amazon FireStick

amazon firestick pay per view

Amongst streaming devices amazon Firestick ranks at the top of the list. Its accessibility is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Sized like a flash drive, a firestick has a built-in HDMI connector that can be plugged in almost all types of TV. With a wifi connection and your TV’s input, Amazon Firestick offers many functionalities. Once you have a Firestick device, you do not need an additional subscription price. You just plug in the device and install the applications of your choice for streaming, gaming, and many other uses.

Amazon FireStick Device and PPV

Earlier PPV used to be a theater telecasting program and in the olden days, people used to pay and buy tickets for official tickets. By 1980 this system converted to PPV and now it is referred to as a unique TV service. Many Amazon devices support PPV now like Fire TV cube, Fire TV, and Firestick 4K. The other requirement for accessing PPV events on Firestick is a strong wifi connection to download apps that offer PPV (Netflix, Hulu, etc.).

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Ways to Watch PPV Events on Amazon Fire Stick

In this article, we will check out some of the most popular and legitimate ways of accessing PPV on your Firestick. Let us dig into them now:

Method 1: Watch PPV on Firestick with ESPN+

This over-the-top sports streaming service from Disneys has garnered more than 7 million subscribers just in the US. Cord-cutters love this channel as it has very affordable monthly as well as yearly plans. ESPN+ offers PPV events from UFC on top of its live sports content from the biggest sports associations like NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, MLS, UEFA, and its original on-demand programs. ESPN+ and UFC have signed a long-term deal worth 1.5 billion USD hence ESPN+ is the official distributor for all PPV events of UFC. They have an annual plan with a bundle package of ESPN+ and UFC which you can opt for. If you want to purchase a new PPV event from UFS, you need to go to You can then log in to your ESPN+ app on Firestick and access your PPV purchase on the date the event is being broadcasted.

Method 2: Watch PPV on Firestick with Sling

Sling is a TV provider which is popular as it is one of the most budget-friendly live TV with affordable subscriptions. With a vast lineup of channels Sling also provides a pretty decent collection of on-demand content from its partner networks. The PPV events offered by Sling TV include combat sports events for example boxing, wrestling, MMA, and a lot more. You can not do an in-app purchase of PPV events with Sling TV using its Sling TV App. To buy a PPV event you must go to and log in with your sling account credentials. You then need to open your account page and click on “Event” to see all the upcoming PPV events available for purchase on Sling TV. After paying for the event using your credit or debit card, your purchased PPV event should show up in the guide section as the Sling PPV channel.

Method 3: Watch PPV on Firestick with DAZN 

DAZN focuses on sports where you can get both on-demand and live sports content at low prices. DAZN has partnered with major sports networks like NBA, NBL, PGA, UFC, MLS, etc. to provide more than 1000 sports events to its subscribers. DAZN has a slightly different PPV model than other streaming devices. You do not get PPV events within DAZN but with a single subscription plan, you have access to several exclusive MMA fights and boxing. DAZN app is readily available on Firestick devices and you can stream events in different resolutions (up to 1080 p).

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Q1. Does Showtime offer PPV content?

No, Showtime does not offer PPV content as such but they have a very cheap subscription plan. With this plan, you can watch a plethora of boxing matches.

Q2. Can the Kodi app be used to watch PPV events? If so, what does one get with the Kodi app?

Installing the Kodi app gives you a gateway to many PPV content. You can access ESPN, Sling TV, and other addons through Kodi. With Kodi, you do not even need to pay for the PPV events. But it is not legal and it is advised to use a secure VPN while accessing PPV events via Kodi. Once you install Kodi on Firestick you get access to Firestick Kodi app addons for programs like Fighttube. You can access programs on these apps when they are broadcasted live. 

Conclusion: How to Get PPW on Firestick

Watching PPV events is not an easy affair owing to many ownership conflicts and limitations. Still, with the guide presented in this article and the list of services mentioned here, you should be able to watch PPV events on Firestick. The digital PPV providers listed here are available on all Fire TV devices too.

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