How to download idmgcext.crx for Chrome/Opera and Troubleshooting Tips

Download idmgcext.crx and learn about some common issues and tips in this article.

Who wouldn’t want to get their download speeds increased by 5 times or more? A prevalent and annoying issue many of you might face is when trying to download a heavy file, say a 4K media file from the internet and the browser keeps stopping and cancelling the download after some 50-70{536a4c555a7f2e45c227c27aaa353c302f43202159891754233440df1d77627d} of file has downloaded. This is such a sheer waste of internet as well as our time. That is why people sometimes resort to downloading via torrent sites.

But if you can resolve these download issues by just installing an extension for your browser, then that’s the best possible thing to do. IDMGCEXT.CRX is by far the best IDM extension for chrome browser. It is an effective and powerful internet download manager for Windows PC which increases the download speed to a large extent.

idmgcext.crx issue

Here are some of the key features of IDMGCEXT.CRX which make it so appealing:

  • Safe and secure – Verified by Norton Security and managed by internet download manager, IDMGCEXT.CRX has gained the reputation of being safe to download and install.
  • Free to use – Not all users want to pay for software which are meant to ease their downloading experience. This IDM being free of any cost makes it desirable in this respect as well.
  • Convenient – The success rate of download is very high with this IDM. It makes it very easy for users to download file of any size in much less time than usual, without encountering failures.
  • Support for many browsers – This extension is supported in many browsers like Firefox, chrome, opera, and others.

At times one might face few issues in using IDMGCEXT.CRX for downloading videos and other files on your PC. In this article we will look at the following:

  • Some common issues with IDMGCEXT.CRX 
  • How to download and install IDMGCEXT.CRX for chrome/opera/Firefox

Some common issues with IDMGCEXT.CRX 

It is possible that even though you have IDMGCEXT.CRX installed for your browser it gives you issues like “idmgcext.crx not found”. If you get such an error, this extension will not work and you will have to give manual commands to the IDM to perform the required task. Let us see some of the reasons for such an error:

  • It is possible that your IDM was registered using a wrong key
  • The IDM on your system has been updated but you missed to update the extension
  • It is important that you have the official version of IDMGCEXT.CRX installed
  • It could be that a hard reset of the browser was done by you for some reason which resulted in the IDMGCEXT.CRX getting deleted
  • Unknowingly or accidently the IDMGCEXT.crx got deleted from the browser

The above reasons would make it possible for you to figure out why downloads are not happening, so it is a good idea to just cross check them once.

Downloading and installing IDMGCEXT.CRX on chrome/opera/Firefox

  • IDMGCEXT.CRX can be downloaded for free here. Since this link is constantly updated, you will always have access to the latest version of this extension via this link. So go to the link and download it on your PC.
  • You must have some unzip tool like WinRAR or 7Zip on your system
  • Once you have downloaded the IDMGCEXT.CRX file, unzip the file using the unzip tool you have and place it in a folder.

Installing IDMGCEXT.CRX on chrome

  • You must enable developer options in chrome to add this extension. Open chrome and click on the 3 dots present at the top right corner and then select “More Tools -> Extensions”. In the “Extensions” screen you would find “Developer mode” option at the top right corner, you need to enable that.
  • Now click on “Load unpacked” button on the same screen. It is present at the top left corner.
  • This will open the file dialog box; you need to select the IDMGCEXT.CRX file which you had downloaded earlier.
  • At this point a popup window would show up, asking to confirm whether to add the extension or cancel it. Select “Add extension”
  • Now you are done with installing the IDMGCEXT.CRX extension for a fast and convenient download.

Installing IDMGCEXT.CRX on Opera

  • Open the Opera browser and click on “Settings gear” (also called “Easy Setup”)
  • You will be able to see “Get Add-Ons” option, click on that and select “add from local disk”
  • Select the extracted IDMGCEXT.CRX which you had downloaded and saved earlier.
  • Now select “Enable IDM Integration Module”.
  • That’s it; IDMGCEXT.CRX is now available on your Opera Browser for speedy downloads.

Installing IDMGCEXT.CRX on Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox and click on the gear icon at the top right corner, which will open settings for Firefox.
  • Open the Add-ons manager by selecting “Add-On”.
  • In the left side menu bar you would find “Extensions” option, click on that.
  • You will be able to see “Manage Your Extensions” section on the right side. Click on the button next to it and select “Install Add-On from File”.
  • This will open the file dialog box. Select the IDMGCEXT.CRX which you had downloaded and saved earlier.
  • This installs the IDM extension on Firefox which can be used for an efficient download of all your media and other files.

Conclusion: Download IDMGCEXT.CRX

IDMGCEXT.CRX is one of the most popular internet download manager extensions. This software will make multiple downloads happen simultaneously and in no time. This is a completely free extension which can be downloaded and installed for multiple browsers like chrome, opera, and Firefox. Here we have covered installation on these 3 browsers and also some common issues that one might face after installing this IDM extension. Hope this gave a clear idea on how to download and install this extension and also threw light on why at times the extension might fail to download or show error like “IDMGCEXT.CRX not found”. By going through these sections you can easily resolve the issues and start downloading anything you want in very less time and zero frustration.

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