Remove CRC-SHA from Context Menu – Windows 10

Learn if CRC-SHA (7zip) that appears in Context Menu is safe or not. You will be able to remove CRC-SHA from Windows 10.

First, let’s start by talking about CRC. CRC aka Cyclic Redundancy Check is a technology that is present in digital networks in order to check accidental changes to the data. In other words, CRC is responsible for detecting unintentional changes happening in data of digital networks. They are usually based on the theory of cyclic error-correcting codes.

remove CRC-SHA

Cyclic codes are said to be very easy to implement anywhere but they also have the benefit of being suitable if you want to detect the burst errors (contiguous sequences of erroneous data symbols in messages).

SHA, which is short for Secure Hash Algorithm, is a cryptographic algorithm that is used in determining the integrity of a particular stash of data. The variations of the SHA are commonly used by SSL certificate authorities in signing certificates. This algorithm can be used to ensure that a website’s data is not tampered with by anyone. It ensures the safety of data by generating unique has values from any particular file. You can determine whether or not the file or the data has been tampered with by comparing the hash values to the hash value received after using this algorithm. The SHA was developed by the National Security Agency to verify whether the information you download from the internet is genuine or not.

Is CRC-SHA safe?

You absolutely have no reason to worry about as the CRC SHA is completely safe. So it is pretty harmless to have CRC SHA in your context menu. In fact, it is a good idea to use it.

The main reason behind the fear of many PC users while using this app is that none of them possess full knowledge of CRC SHA. Once they gain full knowledge and information about it, they will be happy to use it in their systems.

Is it safe to remove CRC-SHA from the windows context menu?

Before you remove anything from your system, it is always essential to wonder whether removing them is safe or not. So, if you are planning to remove any file of the system, be sure to check the merits and demerits. 

It is so because by removing a system file, the functioning of your operating system could be severely affected or it could even lead to the system getting crashed. However, not to worry, CRC SHA is not such a type of file that would affect the functioning of the operating system. 

As CRC SHA is not a system file so removing it will not cause any harm to the operating system or its functioning. Therefore, if any time you feel that this tool is of no use to you or you do not require its services, you can easily remove the file from your system without worrying about the effects of it. 

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How to remove CRC SHA from the context menu?

Some window users may wish or may not wish to remove the entry CRC SHA from the context menu on their systems. If you wish to remove it, please make note that the latest version of the 7-Zip app makes calculating the hash value much easier as it adds the entry to file or folder context menu.

7zip windows 10

Now that you have some basic information about CRC SHA and its usage in your system, let us talk about the procedure of removing or disabling the file from your context menu.

  1.  Open the 7-Zip File Manager. You need to type 7-Zip in the start search box and then press the key.
  2. Now, on the 7-Zip window, switch to the Tools menu. Select the options button after switching to the Tools menu.
  3. On the options page, switch to the 7-Zip tab. After that look for the CRC SHA option and uncheck it in the context menu items section. Finally, you need to click the Apply button in order to confirm and finish the change you have made. 

Note: You might receive a message “An event was unable to invoke any of the subscribers”. Just click on the OK button to proceed.


The article comes to an end. In the above article, we have discussed the meaning of CRC SHA along with its usage in your system. We also discussed in detail whether the file is safe for your systems or not so that no one has any doubts about the file. We also discussed the safety in removing this file from your system and how you can remove the file from the context menu. So what are you waiting for, if you made the decision of removing the CRC SHA file from the context menu of your system, just read the article and follow the procedure mentioned in the article. It is very easy to understand and can be done by anyone be it, beginner, or expert.

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