Prank Calling Websites for Pranking Friends – Unlimited Free Prank Calls

Prank Calling is fun and now it can be done very easily with free Prank Calling Websites that provide unlimited Free Prank calls. You can troll your family and friends by prank calling them.

Prank calls are random calls that are made to strangers with the intention to play a joke on someone. The calls are made from an unknown number so that the person being pranked is unable to identify the caller.

What is Prank Calling?

The prank calls were easier back in the days of 1990 as now through different caller id apps, the person already gets to know who is on the other end of the phone. usually, when people get a new number, they often make calls to their friends and family as unknown numbers would confuse the other friend. But most of the time people cant keep purchasing new numbers just to prank call their friend so to erase this problem there are certain sites on the internet to prank call, will be discussed in the article later.

Prank through different mediums

Internet and radio also play a major role in prank call .instead of calling on their own, people also send the numbers to radio jockeys and ask them to prank call their friends or family.  The radio shows often call through their internet lines which isn’t displayed on the screen of the user, and makes anonymous funny prank calls. The prank calls are recorded and Later broadcasted in the show. The calls are harmless and are often done by keeping in mind that it doesn’t offend the other person on the line.

Prank calls are either done by starting a joke like “is your refrigerator running” the person would probably answer yes and then the pranked would say “well you better catch it then” or by calling to a restaurant and placing a big order but just in time to cancel it so they don’t actually start preparing the meal. There are different types of prank calls such as pretending to be someone else and talking absurd funny things.

Prank Calling Rules 

However, the calls should be made which doesn’t scam or fraud the person as then it wouldn’t be termed as prank call but as spam or scam. Calling emergency services like hospitals, police stations or the fire department for pranking is illegal and is criminalized in many jurisdictions. Criminal prankers can include calling for money by claiming a false kidnapping, or reporting nuisance such as bomb planting or harassing the person on call. One such case happened in Jaipur in 2010 when 19-year-old youth landed in jail after making a prank phone call to Delhi-based person and threatening to blow up Chandni Chowk. This kind of prank calls are discouraged as their ultimate reason behind it is to create chaos in the lives of other people and not to play a little joke on their friends.

Prank calls are also used by some people who use it to harass women through threatening calls and sending constant messages. It can create a mental trauma in the mind of the victim. There is not any sperate law made in the Indian constitution for prank call harassment however in US Constitution there is Under PC 653m(a), it is illegal to make any contact with another person that uses “obscene” language or threatens the person, their property or their family. If you do this, you could be guilty of a misdemeanor.

The Indian law doesn’t punish an individual for conducting a prank call however if the damage is done is major the prankster may be out to jail or be charged with a fine if a complaint gets filed against them.

List of Free Prank Calls Unlimited Websites

Along with bad people there exists good people and for those “fun intentioned prank calls” there are a number of websites on the internet that help in making calls by hiding the number of the caller and are most importantly “FREE”. The free feature is given by these websites actually encouraged the prank callers to fool their friends and family even more as they won’t be charged for a single second on call and the call duration can be unlimited. With these amazing features, who wouldn’t be tempted to make a phone call and have a little bit of fun?

The websites which offer such services are:-

1. Prank Dial

prankdial free prank calls=

This is a free prank dialing app in this the prank calls have been pre-made according to different purposes such as love, anger or sad and then the pranked selects the one which is most suitable for him/her and sends it to their friend.

To use the same, it is very simple as the person has to enter the phone number with the country code and the call made will be absolutely free although it does require an internet connection.

The pre-made set up saves time of the prankster.

2. Prank Caller

prank caller unlimited prank calls

It is similar to that of prank dial, as the same features of free, unlimited and pre-made prank are offered.

One additional benefit offered here is that the user can also add a fake number which will be displayed on the phone of the friend and he/she will be even more confused after seeing the number.

3. Prank Call and SMS

free prank calls unlimited

This website offers few more features that are in this the user can also add a picture to which the friend will be shown. Along with calls the prankster can also send messages with the hidden number and fool a person.

4. PrankOwl

prankowl for prank calling

It is another website that offers the facility to call by hiding the number and is completely free. The pranks done can be recorded and later on shared to other groups which will give a burst of good laughter for anyone listening to it.

The pre-recorded messages are given here giving the user even more time to prank along with that the user prankster can also use their own messages (customize them according to their prank) and send it in a similar manner that is entering the user’s phone number and adding the country code.

5. Prank Hotline

prank hotline website for prank calls

This website is designed in black color and can be used to prank. The most famous prank of this website is “why did you call my girlfriend” in this the call keeps asking why the person has called his or her girlfriend. It is really fun.

These websites follow a strict rule of confidentiality and thereby all the numbers shared here are truly confidential and the contact numbers aren’t leaked.

There are hundreds of websites offering similar features, basically, all these websites are free and provide the pranked with pre-made pranks. The users have a little wide variety to choose from.

Final Words on Prank Call Websites

Just keep in mind that pranks are supposed to be fun, if they cross the line, the consequences won’t be good. If someone gets hurt or feels insulted thorough the prank, then it shouldn’t be carried forward moreover the prankster must apologize in Infront of anyone listening to the friend or stranger so that he/she doesn’t feel humiliated. The main idea of doing the prank is to have a good sense of laugh and they shouldn’t be terrified, it should be to an extent where the person who got pranked can also laugh about it later and bear the prank at the moment.

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