Top FM Radio Apps for Android without Internet

Take a look at this of list of FM Radio Apps for Android without Internet or WiFI connection.

We all are familiar with the in built radio app that comes with our smartphones as well as normal phones. These apps cover all the radio stations in the local area only.

Local area radio stations usually have most of their shows in the regional language of that area. The regional languages may be understood by some people of that area only. Now, if you are a Traveller who enjoys listening to Radio then it will not be very nice to hear something that you don’t understand. You would naturally prefer listening to the radio stations that you hear on a daily basis in your own language or the languages that you understand.

Similarly if you are a student who has come to a different place for education, you might not be knowing the language of that city or country. Hence you will not enjoy anything that you hear on the Radio stations of that area.

So, to ensure that anyone can enjoy the radio stations from anywhere in the world, many radio apps have been launched in the market. These apps will let you tune in to any radio station around the globe sitting in a single place. You can enjoy your favorite radio shows while travelling or staying away from home.

Such radio apps that tune in to almost any channel in the world are available for both iOS devices and Android devices. Different apps work differently. Some of the radio apps require a constant internet connection for functioning, while many can work even without internet connectivity.

The ones which work without the internet connection are naturally preferred over the ones which need the connectivity. The offline apps can entertain you even in areas where there is no internet connection.

In this article we will explore some of the FM radio apps for Android users that work without internet and let you enjoy your favorite music or news channel.

Top Offline FM Radio Apps for Android Users



This is one of the best radio apps for Android that gives the users access to radio along with free music and podcasts. The app size may vary based on the device in which you are downloading it.

There have been 50 million downloads of this application on the Google Play Store app. It is totally free to download and use. For the ones who love to listen to the FM radio, this app provides you with 1500 live radio stations to choose from.

The app also lets you stream music without any limit. You can easily tune in to a radio station of any mood or activity. Similarly, you can stream music of any mood or genre that you like.

User interface of the app is a simple and well organised one. Therefore, it is easy to use. The design is also very appealing.

This app lets you enjoy shows of radio stations in your local area and even the international channels, live. The radio stations available on this app will let you listen to music, news, sports, comedy and talk shows of all categories and in multiple languages of your choice. Some sports radio channels like ESPN Radio, Fox Sports and many such channels are available for the ones who love listening to sports on radio.

Music stations of your own can be created and millions of songs can be categorized in that. You can also add music and radio stations that you like to your favorite list. No wifi radio features are available with payment.


  • Lyrics are available
  • Streaming of artists live
  • Contains bio or artists
  • News articles are there
  • There is a section for events


  • Design not very attractive
  • Rewinding of live radio channel not possible
  • Family plan not available
  • Catalog defects

TuneIn Radio


It is one of the best radio apps without internet available for the Android devices. Popular in 230 countries, this app has more than 100 million downloads, which proves its popularity across the world.

The app lets you tune in to any of your favorite radio stations from anywhere in this world. You can listen to live sports, news, music, podcasts, FM and AM radio with the help of this app.

This offline radio app has an attractive design which is loved by the users. The content on the app is well categorised and you can easily look for your favorite radio stations of local area or international channels, music, sports, podcasts and much more.

The app provides live commentary and scores for all types of sports events happening around the world. For sports lovers, they will never miss any update on sports news with this app. Users can live sports from anywhere in the world with TuneIn.

Unlimited music can also be accessed with this app. The trending songs of all radio stations can be accessed with this app.

You can stay updated about the happenings around the world with the live news channels on this offline radio app. Local, national as well as international news can be listened to from top channels like CNN, Fox, CNBC, BBC, NPR, MSNBC.

The premium version can be availed on payment. This lets you experience all features of the app.


  • App is easy to use
  • Design is great
  • 120000 stations can be accessed for free
  • News, music live from all over world
  • No ads


  • Radio service only
  • Performance bugs may affect streaming

Simple Radio


This app provides its users with multiple radio stations from which they can enjoy music of their choice, listen to live sports and news around the world. The app is free and requires no internet.

With more than 10 million downloads on Google Play store, this is also a popular radio app. You can easily stream your favorite radio stations with this app. The app gives you a wonderful radio listening experience.

The app provides its users with more than 45000 radio channels from around the world. A simple, neat user interface makes it easy to use. It is very easy to find the desired radio stations on the interface.

There is an option to create a favorite list where you can add your preferred radio stations, so that whenever you open the app you can straight away tune in to those channels and not waste time looking for them each time.

Sound quality provided by the app is quite good, enhancing your radio listening sessions. You can enjoy uninterrupted music without any buffering with this application. All this makes the user experience best on this app.


  • User friendly interface
  • Great quality of sound
  • Free of cost


  • Only radio service available
  • Collection of radio channels smaller as compared to other apps



Another great offline radio application for Android users. The radio channels available on this app are divided into multiple genres for the users to select from. The best part about the app is that it lets you listen to high quality audio even if the internet speed of a radio station is low.

The app lets you access the Radio stations from anywhere in the world. Another great feature of this app is that, it is battery efficient and does not drain your phone’s battery quickly. Therefore, you can enjoy your favourite radio stations and music for a long time on a phone using simple radio app.

You can access different categories of channels like dance, pop, relax, Rock, electro and many more using this app.

It is a free app with a dark themed user friendly interface. Radio stations are easily found on the site, hence it is very simple to use too.


  • Different categories of music available
  • User friendly interface
  • Works without internet/ low speed internet
  • Battery efficient
  • Sound quality is great


  • Ads are an issue



It is considered as one the best FM radio apps for Android that works without any internet connectivity. The app has been downloaded 10 million times on Google Play store.

The application gives a great listening experience on your phone. You can listen to FM radio without wifi in two ways. You can listen to live local radio channels with app. With the FM receiver chip activated, users can enjoy radio stations in local and terrestrial FM. This method is useful to save data and the phone’s battery also lasts longer.

The FM chip is really helpful, because it works even when the cell towers are down in situations of emergency. NextRadio works only with wired headphones or earphones. Bluetooth earphone and speakers don’t work for this app.

You can download the app for free.


  • Can work in even when cell towers are down
  • Battery efficient app
  • Free download available


  • Starts only when wired earphones are used
  • Chip is required for better coverage
  • Interface not very attractive
  • Sound quality not as expected and may have interference

Free Radio- FM radio

This app has around 5 lakh downloads on Google Play store. It was created by Ryu Mizuki. The app lets you create a favorite list with radio stations of your choice.

The radio stations can be found easily by scanning. An interesting feature of this app is that it lets you set a sleep timer, in case you fall asleep while listening to music on radio.

With the help of this app users can record the songs playing. It also displays information on the music that is playing, live.

The app lets you access 40000 live radio stations without needing an internet connection.

Design of the app is also quite good. You can choose between a dark and light theme for the app. This app is absolutely free to download and use. So you can stream live radio without any limit on this app.


  • Recording of songs is possible
  • Favorite list can be created
  • Sleep timer can be set
  • Information on live music is available
  • Free to use


  • Scanning is needed to look for radio stations
  • Design could be better
  • Streaming quality not as expected

So these are some of the FM radio applications that can be downloaded from Google Play Store and used on Android devices. All of them can run without internet connection in the device, making them convenient to use in areas where data connection is not available or in areas where the speed of data is very low.

With or without internet connection, if you want to use a radio app on your device then you will need a few things.

  • A built in FM radio chip is a necessity on the device if you want to use an offline radio app on it. The FM radio capability of the phone must be activated, which is done by the manufacturer. The carrier should then accept this feature.
  • Next you will need wired headphones/ earphones. The radio can work only with antenna. The wired earphones are used as an antenna for the FM radio when a radio app is being used. So make sure you have a wired ear bud in order to access offline radio apps on your device. Wireless ear buds usually doesn’t work in this case.
  • Finally you will need a FM radio app that is supported on your device. The app that you download should be able to access the FM radio chip on the device. Then only the app will catch a signal and can work.

Conclusion: FM Radio Apps for Android without Internet Connection

The FM radio apps for Android without internet has been listed above along with pros and cons, to make it easier for you to choose one. All these apps are easily available on Google Play store and are completely safe to download and use on your device. Some require payment of an amount to access the feature but the ones listed in this article are free of cost. These apps provide a whole lot of features which are interesting and also enhance the radio listening.


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