Best Sites to Watch Free Movies in High-Definition

Here are the Best Sites to Watch Free HD Movies Online!

To watch the movies at the convenience of your time and the comfort of your cozy couch is entirely blissful. Several websites pose most of the Content you would love to watch online. These websites are free to use and are also legal to watch movies on them. Moreover, almost all of them are free of viruses and malware and do not invade your privacy on the device. You get to watch a variety of films such as comedy, action, horror and drama films. Along with the big brand movies, you also have old and independent movies that you can watch as many times as you wish to at your leisure. Also, these websites have a mobile app, so you can watch them anytime anywhere.

Best Sites to Watch Free HD Movies Online

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Best Sites to Watch Free Movies in HD

There are tons of websites available on the internet where you can watch all your favorite movies of all genres. The websites are free to use and you can watch the movies at the convenience and comfort of your home. With the mobile apps, you can watch them on the go and do not have to miss them when you are out of your place. These websites are a good entertainer when you are getting bored and feeling lonely.

The best websites available and their pros and cons are listed below for your ready reference:

1. Crackle

Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures and therefore has thousands of full-length movies to select from for the viewers. This website is preferred by most people for its collection of movies and quality standards. Even the big-name movies with most of the renowned stars are available on the website in high definition quality. 

The quality of movies on the website is spectacular irrespective of the size of the screen or the monitor of your device. Few commercial breaks do appear here and there in the full-length movie. 

Some of the movie’s latest ones added to the website include The Face of an Angel, Henry’s crime, I am still here, We are the Best, Last days on Mars, The Sacrament, War Inc, Eye see You, Elephant White, Trust and many more.


  • The website has a wonderful mobile app that is at par with the website.
  • The video quality is very good.
  • A huge collection of films.
  • There are several options for a video player.


  • The commercials and advertisements are too many as compared to other websites.
  • The sorting method of the website is not up to the mark.

2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a very popular website to watch high-definition movies online. Screen Media Ventures ensure that the new movies are Constantly flowing adding new movies and updating the website with novelty. There are more than 1500 movies including foreign films, documentary movies, family, romance, action, horror, drama, and comedy. The original film and web schools are also featured on the website. 

The most unique part of this website is that the user does not need any account to watch movies on the website. The website also has a resume playback option so that you can watch the movie right from where you had left last time. The newest arrivals on the website include Anything is Possible, All we had, Lost in the White City, First to the moon, Killer Bees, Manny, and Grand Isle. 


  • Every movie on the website play on a large video player.
  • The website has an option to create GIFs from any of the scenes playing in the movie.
  • Specific parts of the movie can also be pinned and comments can be added.
  • Some movies can be streamed only for kids.


  • The quality of the video can be improved.
  • There are no subtitles available for any movie.

3. Yidio

There are several categories available on Yidio for watching movies. The most important category amongst all is the free online movies that are designed particularly. This website is a kind of search engine where you can find all the free movies to select and watch. 

To make the selection of movies Convenient and easier, there are genres and ratings available on the website. The genre includes Western, TV Movie, Suspense, Indie, Family, Special interest, Musical, Classics, Animation, and many more. The ratings can be done as G, PG -13, and R. 

Some of the movies added recently to the website include Touch me not, Got my hustle up, Last Ferry, Infection, Bully the Dead Don’t die, Lowdown Dirty Criminals, and the list goes on.


  • With this website, the user can also find free movies on other websites.
  • MPAA rating and genre make it easy to filter the movies.
  • The movies can also be sorted with regards to recently added and popularity.
  • The website allows you to find where to buy or rent a movie.
  • The rotten tomatoes score is also included.


  • Sometimes the paid movies are also labeled as free on the website.
  • Some of the movies are not streamed on the website and the user gets diverted to another website for watching the movie.
  • The commercials and advertisements are more on this website as compared to others.
  • The quality of movies is that of the DVD kind.

4. YouTube

YouTube is not restricted to watching only movie trailers or other videos. There are several movies that you can watch by renting them or most of them are free to watch.

The Movies and shows section of YouTube poses popular and new movies to watch for free. Browsing on YouTube is also possible through genres to make it more Convenient and easy. 

The titles such as Igor, of Mice and Men, Black Knight, 10000 BC, Missing 411, Rebound, Zookeeper, American Dream, and many more are available for the users to watch.


  • Free movies are hosted only on Official YouTube.
  • The viewers can rate the movies as per their taste and preference.
  • Viewers can also comment on the movies.


  • All the movies are not free to watch on YouTube.
  • Some of the movies that are free to watch are not HD quality.
  • YouTube takes down the movies without notifying the users.

5. Tubi

There are thousands of TV shows and movies available to stream on Tubi. Some of them are paid Content, but most of them can be watched for free. The regular genres that are available on the website include horror, comedy, kids, documentary, drama, and romance movies. However, there are many other unique genres as well that include sorcery and sword, preschool, home and garden, holiday movies, and many more.

The movies are featured in various categories and sorted well for the convenience of the users such as Not on Netflix, Leaving soon, Only free on Tubi, Highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes, Trending now, Movie night, New releases. Tubi Kids is a very good section that streams all the kid’s related films and other Content. 

Some of the movies that are streaming on Tubi are Eight Legged Freaks, Blow, The Legend of Hercules, Click, Full Metal Jacket, The Butterfly effect, Little Giants, Divergent, I Robot, Tarzan, and many more.


  • The website streams high-quality and very popular movies.
  • There are a variety of genres available on the website.
  • Most of the movies also have subtitles enabled.
  • There is one different section meant only for kids which is available on the top of the regular website.


  • There are a lot of advertisement and commercial breaks in the entire part of the movie.
  • The shows and the movies are not segregated appropriately.

6. Vudu

Vudu again is a wonderful website that streams thousands of movies free of cost. Some of the latest additions to the website include Everly, The Good Neighbour, The Wrong car, Erased, Silver Linings Playbook, Filth, Django Unchained, Quit, The Gathering, Storm Warning, Bad Girl, Surf party.

Most of the movies on this website are 1080p and therefore even when they are streaming freely but the quality is not compromised. The section New Page on the website displays all the recently added movies in the collection. The movies are categorized differently in a variety of genres such as History, Classics, Crime & Thrillers, Westerns, Romance, Kids, and Family for the convenience of the users to find the movies. The finding for the movies can also be done by putting in the filters such as rating, studio, or any other criteria. 

The users have to open an account for watching movies on Vudu. The registration on the website is free. You get an option to buy or rent the movie once you log in. When you browse through free pages you get to watch the movies for free. 


  • There are plenty of high-quality movies available on the website.
  • Most of the movies available are well known and very popular.
  • There are lots of ways and means to filter and sort the movies.
  • The movies are also available for purchasing and renting.


  • All the movies are not free to watch on the website.
  • The free movies also comprise advertisements and commercials.
  • The user needs to create an account to watch movies.

7. The Roku Channel

There are a variety of free movies available on the Roku channel for streaming. When you have Roku TV, it becomes Convenient to watch all the channels. However, it is not necessary to have the Roku TV for watching the streams. You can also easily watch the Roku channels on the smartphone, mobile, computer, or any other device. 

The Roku channel streams free TV shows and lives TV also. The movies come along with commercials and advertisements but the quality of videos is very high and so the trade-off is advantageous.

Some of the movies to watch on Roku TV are Almost Famous, Dinner for Schmucks, The imitation game, Look who’s Talking, Donnie Darko, The Pursuit of Happyness, Lady Jane, Inception, Ghost, The Devil Wears Prado, Teenage MutantNinja Turtles, The Wolf of Wall Street and many more.

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  • The movies available on the website are of high quality.
  • All the latest movies are also available.
  • It supports almost all devices including TV, mobile, computer.
  • The captions can be easily customized.
  • There is no need to open a user account on the website.


  • The movies and the shows streaming free have advertisements and commercials.
  • Many of the countries do not allow to stream Roku Channel.
  • The website does not have a mobile app.

8. IMDb TV

A highly comprehensive database of movies, trailers, and information is available on IMDb TV. It also has a collection of free TV shows and movies streaming for the users. The various categories to sort the movies and shows include genre, top-rated movies, IMDb originals, most popular, recently added, and others. The video player also has top-rated features such as full-screen mode, changing options for video quality, adjusting the subtitles, turning on the subtitles, and others.

Very popular and latest movies such as legion, Black swan, Blue Valentine, Annie, 13 Hours, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, Super 8, Rio 2, and many more are streaming on the website.


  • This website poses the best-uncluttered video player.
  • There are plenty of free TV shows and movies.
  • Browsing and finding the movies is Easy and Convenient.
  • It includes original videos.


  • For watching the movies and TV shows the user has to register a user account on the website.
  • There are plenty of in-video advertisements and sometimes are too long to make it boring.

9. Pluto TV

The Pluto TV has two ways of working namely where a list of films are elaborated on the website and the users can watch from the same and also live TV service where the user can watch the shows and movies as and when available. With the web browser and the live page on Pluto TV, you can watch live TV movies and shows. Also, there is an option of watching the movies on the desktop or mobile app after downloading the appropriate software. Pluto TV supports an Android app as well as an app for iOS.

There are lots of varieties to select from including horror, action, drama, and comedy for living as well as on-demand shows and movies. When the user is looking into live TV, there are more than 100 channels available to select from and also include news, music, sports, etc.

The on-demand movies list includes predestination, Riding in Cars with Boys, Noah, Face Off, The Simon Biles Story: Courage to Soar, Joy Ride, Scary movie and the list goes on.


  • It works similarly to the TV channel guide.
  • The day shows and movies are also available.
  • The movies can be started from an earlier time or even you can watch them live.
  • There are thousands of movies with a variety of genres.
  • It also streams music, news, TV-Shows, and many more.


  • The channels are only limited to movies.
  • The movies that are watched on live stream cannot be again seen on demand.

10. Peacock

This service is provided by NBC Universal and has thousands of TV shows and movies available. Some of them are original and are not found on any other website. The Content available is from studios such as Focus Features, DreamWorks Animation, and Universal. 

There is a unique way of categorizing movies that include Dynamic Duos, Cult Corner, Written by Women, Hidden Gems, Bill Murray Collection, and others. Also, the user can find movies in the alphabetical order list.

The free movies list includes Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Notting Hill, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The place beyond the Pines, The Breakfast Club, The town, Harry Potter series, leprechaun, Apollo 13, I am Legend and many more.

To avail of the premium features such as adding free videos or additional titles, the user has to pay for it. The paid movies are distinctive from the ones that are free through a purple tag in the corner on them.


  • It offers the most unique movies.
  • The users can easily identify the movies that are not free.
  • It includes captions.
  • The categorization of movies is true fun.


  • Some of the titles cost the users.
  • The traditional genres are lesser as compared to others.
  • It is compulsory to register on the website with a user account.

Final Words: Best Sites to Watch Free Hi-Def Movies

There are many other ways to watch movies for free other than the websites mentioned. The users can also download the movies and keep them on their devices for free and can watch them at leisure and convenience even without the internet. There are also Torrent websites that offer movies for free. However, in some countries, these websites are said to be illegal. While browsing through the websites ensure you have an antivirus installed on your device to keep yourself safe.

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