Best Working Sites to Watch College Football Online Free (2023)

Here are the Best Working Websites to Watch College Football Online for Free.

Who would like to miss watching their favorite college football game, but in case unfortunately you are not able to participate then there are multiple ways to watch football online. There are tons of websites that stream college football live, but all of them are not free. If you are looking for ways to watch college football online for free, then here are a few websites that stream college football online for free.

Why watch football online for free?

There were times when we used to watch college football on the television with a cable connection, but of late the cable subscription has become expensive and you are not subscribed to all channels. So, people are disconnecting cable connections and looking for other sources. The other option includes IPTV. IPTV offers more channels than cable TV and is compatible with PC, laptops, and other mobile devices. However, IPTV is chargeable and not free. So, as a student, IPTV is not a good option and the free streams come as a rescue.  

There are a huge number of websites that are dedicated to streaming sports. It is not easy to find websites that stream college football online as they come and go or get rebranded. So, here is a list of websites that streams college football online for the year 2021-2022. If you are watching college football games online for a while then you will be aware of these sites. The advantage of being aware of these websites is you can watch your favorite college football game for free. These websites support your mobile device and you can stream your favorite game and watch it anywhere and anytime for free. You can save a huge amount on subscription charges of your cable TV or IPTV when the only thing you want to watch is the college football game. 

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Best Sites to Watch College Football Online Free


SportSurge is one of the genuine sources that streams links for watching college football for free. This website streams sports such as MMA, boxing, racing, NCAA football scores, NCAA basketball. You need to note that the links for college football are streamed only around game time. SportSurge requires you to register for watching. You can avail of the registration code by contacting SportSurge through their online chat on the registration page. This website has NFL, CFB, and XFL options. To watch college football for free, you need to click on the NFL. Though SportSurge has disturbing ads, it does not bother you while scrolling on the main page.


Nflbite College Football is one of the websites that stream college football for free. It is famous for online sports streaming. This is the most organized website and has several sections of sports on its page. It is awesome that Nflbite highlights live streaming sports, displays real-time scores along with Twitter feeds of various games. This website is categorized into Live Score, NFLbite Redzone Hanson, NFL Redzone Siciliano, and NCAA


This is one of the sites that stream college football and this site have been coming back after being shut down numerous times. You can get smooth streaming of your favorite show without the need to create an account. The strength of this site is you find innumerable sports to stream live online. This site gives you immediate access to streams of all sports channels from anywhere in the world. You would need to tolerate ads, which are run during the show. This site streams games of various kinds such as Football, NCAA, Basketball, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Boxing, Tennis, NCAA softball, Baseball, and Motorsport There are several mirrors for this website and they all look and work similarly to First row sports. This website also offers sports channels such as BT sports, SkySports, etc. The list of mirror sites of First row sports can be found below.  



You all know that Redditt streams college football lives for free. Reddit streams have gained popularity after the shutdown of the cfbstreams subreddit. Redditt is a good choice if it is not easy for you to find a reliable source to watch college football for free. You must note that Reddit posts links and does not host sports streams. On this website, the subscriber creates their group called subreddits. Reddit does not stream live sports. The subscribers post links to the streams that they find on other sites. You can find links to almost all the games or sports you can think of. As the streams are uploaded by the subscribers the quality is not promised. You can find all sorts of links, some of which are dangerous too. The links will be streamed when the college football games are about to start. This website streams college football games for free. You can choose the game you want to watch and start watching.  


This sports website was previously known as and This website has a big name in streaming live college football games for free. This website streams college football games and many other sports such as UFC to football along with Live TV streaming and sports content. This website streams sports by collecting them from various other sites. This website is quite extensive and if you take time to search you will find the stream you are looking for. This website suggests you use browsers such as google chrome or firefox. This website provides both quality and performance if these browsers are used. However, like many other websites, you find misleading and offensive pop-ups and you would need to choose a good adblocker. Considering the quality this website offers, you can ignore the ads.


This sports site has been branded as the home of streaming. This website streams everything from American football to basketball, motorsport, fighting, etc. The benefit of this website is that you get a schedule for the day of every sport. The streams are sorted with different icons that indicate a particular sport. This is one more basic site to watch college football games. The best feature of this website is that it provides a chat service option wherein you can interact and discuss with other sports viewers worldwide. The chat service is a great feature for people who enjoy discussing games, but you will need to follow the rules of the chat room. Cricfree is not free from misleading ads, as these websites stream videos hosted elsewhere. This website is well known due to its huge selection of live game streams. This website is very easy to navigate too.


Buffstreams has had various names and this website was previously known as VIPBox,,, is now This free college football streaming website has the best layout with pleasant icons for each sport. You need to be aware of the popups and make sure not to download anything. You get to watch hockey, tennis, and basketball along with NCAA football. If there is a website that has live streaming of the sports then that website is Buffstream. This website is very easy to navigate and has a user-friendly interface and provides a huge category of sports to stream online.

8. was previously and looks like an imitation of ESPN. This website offers streams of college football games. Unlike other websites, this website has a sporty feel with a black and red color combination. This website also has excellent HD quality and sorting options.

9. is one of the dedicated college football streaming websites that stream college football for free and boasts of having streamed 45 college football games without ads. This website streams other sports as well such as the NFL like most of the websites do. This website requires you to register on their site to watch live college football games. You can trust for quality streaming.  


Bosscast is another website that streams college football live for free. This website has nothing fancy and is similar to Around game time, this website streams links to watch college football for free from various TV channels like ESPN, ACCN, SECN, etc. Bosscast has a wide coverage and hence you can stream and watch any sports of your choice. Bosscast will stream only if you have installed Flash. To watch your favorite sports on Bosscast, you need to install Flash and let it run. Hence, this website is considered as the last resort for people wanting to watch college football live for free.

11. website streams college football games and other sports too. You are required to register on the above website to watch college football live games.


Sportrar has several college football game streams and lets you watch games for free. Similar to a few of the websites, you would require to register on the website before watching the game.

13. Laola1

Laola1 is an Austrian online sports streaming platform. It has both a local feed and an international feed. Laola1 offers free content and for complete access, there is a small subscription fee that needs to be paid. If you subscribe and get a premium membership, you will be free of ads that are displayed during streams. The Laola1 website streams content that is of HD quality. Laola 1 streams college football for free. Laola1 also streams soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey, motorsports. It is the best website if you are looking for sports that are not widely available in the US. If you want to watch International Volleyball and Table tennis then you can watch it on Laola1, which is not easily available in the US channels.


Stream-Hub is the website that you would recommend to your friends to watch college football live for free. This website streams NFL games with other sports such as XFL streams, EPL streams, NBA streams, and much more.

A few sites such as Stream-Hub, Feed2All, Wiziwig, XRXS have gone offline. These were the most opted sites for anyone who wished to watch college football games for free.

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Conclusion: Watch College Football Online Free Stream

There are some things worth noting. The websites that stream for free make money through ads that are placed on the stream. These ads are disturbing and there are chances of you clicking on them. You would not want to click on these ads because there are chances of these ads being malware or a network of unwanted ads that pop up continuously.

The other issue is quality. Although some websites stream quality games, all websites do not promise such quality. So, if you are looking for a quality football stream then this is not the right option. Finally, another disadvantage is the network. If you want to watch a college football game live for free then you need to have a good network connection to enjoy the game. These free websites that stream college football online streams a lot of bad links. You need to do a lot of trial and error before you can find a link that streams college football properly with good quality.

So, you need to have a lot of patience if you are opting to watch the college football game live for free.

If none of the above issues bother you then you can watch the game on any of the above websites for free. You can use trusted antivirus software along with VPN to save yourself from an online hacker. The joy of watching the college football game on a crowded ground and encouraging your lovable team is unmatchable. But if you are not in a position to watch or unable to afford a paid subscription then definitely you can watch your favorite game on the above websites.

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